Is Steve Yzerman married?

Lisa BrennanSteve Yzerman / Spouse (m. 1989)
Personal life. Yzerman and his wife Lisa Brennan have three daughters. They reside in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

What is Steve Yzerman salary?

Steve Yzerman’s net worth / earnings / salary history. He made US $66,532,448 (US $110,628,092 in today’s dollars), ranking #88 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

How old is Steve Yzerman?

57 years (May 9, 1965)Steve Yzerman / Age

Who does Steve Yzerman work for?

the Wings
19 would come back to Detroit. Now, that speculation and hope are a reality as the Wings announced early Friday morning that Yzerman is the Wings’ general manager while Ken Holland is moving into a senior vice president role. Holland also signed a multi-year extension.

How tall is Steve Yzerman?

5′ 10″Steve Yzerman / Height

Is Yzerman a good GM?

Yzerman had a great career as a player, and his success continued as a general manager. Sure, he had some tough years and some deals didn’t work out in his favor, but that will happen to every general manager at some point.

Did Steve Yzerman quit?

According to a source of Detroit Sports Nation, Steve Yzerman has made the stunning decision to step down as general manager of the Detroit Red Wings.

Is Steve Yzerman a good GM?

Who is the Red Wings GM?

Steve YzermanDetroit Red Wings / General manager

Why Red Wings Zamboni driver fired?

The Detroit Red Wings’ Zamboni driver is suing the organization after he was fired for urinating in a drain at Little Caesar’s Arena. Al Sobatka, 68, claims he was discriminated against because of his age and disability, which would be a violation of the state’s Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act.

Are Steve Yzerman and wife Lisa Brennan still together?

Many top ice hockey players were also invited to their wedding ceremony. As of now, the 54-years-old, former ice hockey player, Steve, and his wife, Lisa, are living happily without creating a sign of rumors and controversies related to their separation. Steve Yzerman and Lisa Brennan on their big day.

What is Steve Yzerman doing now?

A former Canadian Ice Hockey player Steve Yzerman currently serves as the executive vice president and general manager of the Detroit Red Wings. A professional since 1983, the hockey player played only for Red Wings in NHL before his retirement in 2006. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008.

Does Steve Yzerman have any brothers or sisters?

Further, He has three brothers and one sister named Gray Yzerman, Christopher Yzerman, Ronnie-Jean Yzerman (sister), and Michael Yzerman. Steve besides attended Bell High School. Then to fulfill his early dreams, he took part in the minor hockey game and played as a youth hockey player in Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament in 1997.