What is serial and parallel cables?

Definition. Serial Transmission is the type of transmission in which a single communication link is used to transfer the data from an end to another. On other hand Parallel Transmission is the transmission in which multiple parallel links are used that transmit each bit of data simultaneously.

Can you convert data from parallel to serial?

Digital parallel and serial converters adapt data transmitted in a parallel port to a serial communication format, or adapt serial port data to parallel communication format. Data converters are needed because not all devices in a system work entirely as parallel-only or serial-only components.

Can a parallel cable be longer than a serial cable?

Parallel vs Serial Cables Parallel cables are generally thicker and shorter than serial cables, and typically have larger more complex connector heads.

What is serial communication and parallel communication with example?

The example of serial communications are USB, SATA, I2C, SPI etc. The example of parallel communications are computer to printer and communication between internal components in embedded systems, The parallel communication provides quick and high-speed transmission but at high cost and requires more wires.

Which of the following can be used as a parallel to serial converter?

Multiplexer can be used as parallel to serial converter.

Which devices are specifically being used for converting serial to parallel and from parallel to serial respectively * 1 point?

1. Which devices are specifically being used for converting serial to parallel and from parallel to serial respectively? Explanation: Some registers like the parallel in serial out and serial in parallel out are used to convert serial data into parallel and vice versa respectively. 2.

Which is not characteristic of a shift register?

Which is not characteristic of a shift register? Explanation: There is no such type of register present who doesn’t have output end. Thus, Serial in/Parallel in is not a characteristic of a shift register.

Can VGA cable be used as serial?

No it will not work with a VGA monitor. If it is specifically marked as RS-232 (or with a string of one’s and zero’s), then it is a serial port for things like serial mice. If it on the other hand, it is marked with Mon. or a rectangle, then it is a DE-9 connector for CGA or EGA monitors.

Is WiFi serial or parallel communication?

And it may surprise you to learn that USB, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wifi, and Ethernet also support serial communications. It would be inappropriate to think of serial communications as a competitor to other communication technologies, such as USB, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi 802.11 and Ethernet.

Why is a serial port called serial?

The name “serial” comes from the fact that a serial port “serializes” data. That is, it takes a byte of data and transmits the 8 bits in the byte one at a time. The advantage is that a serial port needs only one wire to transmit the 8 bits (while a parallel port needs 8).

What is register ring?

A ring counter is a type of counter composed of flip-flops connected into a shift register, with the output of the last flip-flop fed to the input of the first, making a “circular” or “ring” structure.

Is VGA a serial or parallel?

VGA ports also known as Video Graphic Array connector are those which connect the monitor to a computer’s video card. VGA port has 15 holes and it is similar to the serial port connector. But VGA Ports have holes in it and the serial port connector has pins in it.

Is RJ45 is serial or parallel?

Modern Ethernet is actually parallel. You have 4 twisted pairs in a cable and each pair sends one bit at a time, so in a modern Ethernet you are sending 4 bits simultaneously. if it is serial why do we use Ethernet card then? and secondly why it is not under serial communication in the books?

What is a parallel cable?

parallel cable. A series of metal wires that enable multiple bits of data to be transferred simultaneously. Parallel cables have mostly given way to serial cables, where data is transferred one bit after another. See serial interface. Centronics and PATA.

What is a 9 pin serial cable?

This is a high quality cable and features molded strain reliefs and slotted thumb screws. 9 Pin Serial cables may also be called DB9 Cables or DB-9 Cables. DB-9 Female

What is parallel serial?

There are two methods used to transmit data between digital devices: serial transmission and parallel transmission. Serial data transmission sends data bits one after another over a single channel. Parallel data transmission sends multiple data bits at the same time over multiple channels.

What is parallel port interface?

Compatibility Mode: This is the original Centronics parallel interface.

  • Nibble Mode: This allowed data transfer back to the computer.
  • Byte Mode: This allows data to be sent back to the computer at the same speed that data is sent from the computer to the printer or other device.