How do you fix the incline on a nordictrack treadmill?

To calibrate the incline, press and hold the stop and speed increase buttons. While holding the buttons, insert the safety key. The machine will now be in calibration mode. Press the Stop button once.

Why is my nordictrack treadmill incline not working?

Incline Control Not Working Correctly If the treadmill doesn’t seem to respond properly when you change the incline, you may have to calibrate the machine. The process is slightly different depending on how new your machine is. For standard consoles, hold the “Stop” and “Speed Increase” button down together.

Why is my incline not working?

If the incline moves but you it will not operate normally nor calibrate, check the wiring from the incline sensor to the power board. If all looks normal, put it back in calibration and see if you see a blinking “- -” symbol in the incline window when you are calibrating. If not, the incline sensor is bad.

How do I fix a stuck incline treadmill?

Hold down the “Stop” button and the “Speed” up button. Insert the safety key into the console then release the “Stop” and “Speed” buttons. Press the “Stop” button then press either the “Incline” up or down button. Wait while the treadmill raises then lowers the incline ramp.

How do you fix a stuck incline on a treadmill?

How do I calibrate my incline nordictrack bike?

First, press the Gears icon on the bottom of the screen. Then, press the Maintenance button. Finally, press the Calibrate Incline button. This will begin the calibration.

How do you manually lower the incline on a treadmill?

How do you reset a NordicTrack treadmill?

As you insert the paper clip, press, and hold it down. As you hold the paper clip, have the second person flip the power switch back on. Once your machine’s screen lights up, you may remove the paper clip. You will see the iFIT logo along with “system recovery: please wait…” highlighted in blue.

What is the warranty on the NordicTrack®X5 incline trainer?

LIMITED WARRANTY WHAT IS COVERED—The entire NordicTrack®X5 Incline Trainer (“Product”) is warranted to be free of all defects in material and workmanship. WHO IS COVERED—The original purchaser or any person receiving the Product as a gift from the original purchaser.

How do I install the incline trainer?

Move your right hand to the position shown and hold the Incline Trainer firmly. Using your left hand, pull the latch knob to the left and hold it. Raise the Incline Trainer until the latch pin is aligned with the indicated hole in the catch. Insert the latch pin into the hole. Make sure that the latch pin is fully inserted into the hole.

What can the incline trainer console measure?

You can also measure your heart rate The incline trainer console offers an impressive array using the handgrip heart rate monitor or the chest heart of features designed to make your workouts more rate monitor.

Why does the incline trainer take so long to reach incline?

Note: It may take a few seconds for the Incline Trainer to reach the selected incline setting. The Incline Trainer is designed so that it cannot be adjusted to a high incline level while the walk- ing belt is moving at high speed. Therefore, when you increase the incline, the speed may automatically decrease.