Who makes the Bounty Hunter metal detector?

First Texas Products
Bounty Hunter metal detectors are owned by First Texas Products and have been making quality affordable metal detectors for years. One thing is for sure, if you go to well-established stores like Walmart, Cabela’s, and other known department stores, there is a good chance you will see the Bounty Hunter brand.

What metal detector does man river use?

Minelab Excalibur II. The unique design of the new Minelab Excalibur allows you to use it effectively in or out of the water.

Where can I metal detect gold coins?

However, the best places to find old coins with a metal detector could fall into any of the following mentioned below:

  1. Parks and Picnic Sites. Old picnic spots and parks can be a good first spot to start your search.
  2. Old Houses.
  3. Churches.
  4. School Grounds.
  5. Beaches or Waterways.
  6. Sidewalks.
  7. Places You Wouldn’t Suspect​

Is the Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 metal detector any good?

FREE Shipping. Details Incredibly easy to use and designed with advanced material discrimination features, the Discovery 1100 metal detector by Bounty Hunter is great for finding coins, metals, relics and more.

What are the features of a digital metal detector?

Touch-pad all-digital controls and automatic ground balancing make the detector easy for the novice to use while the detector offers plenty of power for more experienced users. Other standard features include a 7-inc waterproof, interchangeable coil system, adjustable aluminum stem and padded armrest along with a comfortable handgrip.

Was ist der bounty hunter’s fundus?

Der Bounty Hunter findet Metalle in einer ordentlichen und vor allem ausreichenden Tiefe. Mein Fundus beschränkt sich jedoch (was auch der Gegend geschuldet ist) auf viel Altmetallschrott, ein paar DM- & Euromünzen sowie auf vier relativ hübschen Ringen.