How long will a Rheem water heater last?

Rheem hot water systems have a typical life span of between 5 and 15 years depending on water conditions and how well the system has been serviced. You can add years to the life to a Rheem hot water system if you have it serviced every 5 years.

How long does a Rheem 50 gallon water heater last?

On average, you can expect a Rheem water heater to last 8 years. If properly maintained and serviced every 5 years, it could last up to 12 years or more.

Can I return Rheem water heater to Home Depot?

You can’t return it to Home Depot either! Professional grade (Licensed contractor).

What is the warranty on a Rheem water heater?

Rheem Water Heater Warranty Coverage

Series Length of Warranty
Series Length of Warranty
Classic 6-year limited tank and parts
Classic Plus 8-years limited tank and parts
Prestige 12-year limited tank and parts

Is a 50 gallon water heater enough for a family of 5?

Water Heater Sizes The answer to this question will vary depending on the total number of kids you have. For example, a family of 3 to 4 people should purchase a 50 – 60 gallon water heater. On the other hand, a household with 5 – 7 people may require a water heater with a 60 – 80 gallon water tank.

How long is my Rheem warranty?

Rheem’s warranty is among the best in the industry generally ranging from 10 years limited parts to limited lifetime on major components. For some models, Rheem also offers an impressive 10 year or lifetime conditional unit replacement warranty.

What is the warranty on a Rheem water heater from Home Depot?

6 Year – Rheem – Water Heaters – Plumbing – The Home Depot.

What is the difference between Rheem professional and performance?

Both Rheem Performance and Rheem Professional water heaters offer superior efficiency, with some having a UEF rating of up to 98%. Ultimately, Rheem Professional water heaters have superior durability compared to Rheem Performance heaters. They have better quality gas control valves and copper heating elements.

Are Rheem HVAC systems any good?

Rheem is a good product, well made, and has a great track record. Parts are easy to get and it is easy to repair when needed even though that’s rarely. The life span of a Rheem is 20-25 years. If I had to purchase another heating and air unit it would be a Rheem.

Is Rheem a good brand?

Rheem is a good brand. Bear in mind, like most other manufacturers, they make cheap “builder grade” HVAC equipment together with the top of the line, communicating, multi-stage, modulating, equipment. None of this is means anything, however, if the installer doesn’t do a good job sizing and installing the equipment. 09-29-2009, 08:28 PM #8.

Is Rheem the same as Weatherking?

WeatherKing is a brand of commercial air conditioners (condensing units), heat pumps and gas furnaces owned by Rheem Manufacturing Co. Rheem is headquartered in Atlanta and is a subsidiary of the Paloma Group, a privately-held company with reported annual revenue of approximately $3.0 billion.

How much do Rheem water heaters cost?

The best water heater brands such as Rheem, Bradford White, and AO Smith cost $400 to $1,600 on average for a tank unit and have a 6, 9, or 12-year warranty. *Prices for tank unit only.