What are the four phases of the Joint operation planning and Execution system?

(1) Phase I Situation Development. (2) Phase II Crisis Assessment. (3) Phase III Course of Action Development. (4) Phase IV Course of Action Selection.

What is jopes army?

JOPES stands for Joint Operational Planning and Execution System. The basic tenant of JOPES is that all military wings within the Department of Defense all work as a team in operations against United States enemy forces.

What does jopes do?

The Maxims of Napoleon The Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) is the integrated system used to plan and execute joint military operations. JOPES provides a stan- dardized framework for joint military planning and execution.

What are jopes for?

JOPES is the integrated, joint, conventional command and control system used by the Joint Planning and Execution Community (JPEC) to conduct joint planning, execution, and monitoring activities.

What is the purpose of jopes?

What is jopes Air Force?

How are theater campaign plan and national strategic objectives related?

Campaign plans are designed to conduct a series of related military operations to achieve strategic objectives in a given time and space. Theater campaigns achieve national strategic objectives, whereas subordinate campaigns achieve the CINC’s theater strategic objectives.

What is Apex in military?

APEX is a combination of joint policies and procedures and automated data processing (ADP) support used to plan and execute joint military operations. APEX is a system which translates the National Command Authority’s (President and Secretary of Defense) decisions into combatant commander’s joint operations.

What level of joint command is a JTF?

There are three levels of Joint Command. The first or highest level is the Combatant Command. The second level is the subordinate unified command, most often called a sub-unified command. The third and final level is the Joint Task Force (JTF).

What is the joint operation planning process?

their options when faced with a force employment decision while applying their knowledge, experience and judgment, military staffs use a methodology called the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP). Developing plans is a continuing function of all commanders and staff officers. In

What are the components of the Joint Planning Group?

Objectives, Critical Factors, Center(s) of Gravity, Critical Vulnerabilities, and Decisive Points. These are Joint Planning Group (JPG) products from the Mission Analysis. If not already accomplished, this friendly information should now be identified. See pages 1-21 thru 1-23.・・/font> 9.

What is a joint force planning organization (JFP)?

A planning organization consisting of designated representatives of the joint force headquarters principal and special staff sections, joint force components (Service and/or functional), and other supporting organizations or agencies as deemed necessary by the joint force

What is a joint strategic planning plan (JSCP)?

Types of Plans The JSCP provides guidance to the CCDRs and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to accomplish tasks and missions based on current military capabilities. The last two JSCPs have undergone a substantial transformation from earlier versions in order to more accurately reflect the