Where was the series teachers filmed?

However, something that viewers may also be struck by is the filming location of the series. Though set in the West Yorkshire city of Bradford, The Teacher was mostly filmed entirely in Budapest, Hungary’s capital city.

Who played Eileen in teachers?

Liz White
Liz White played Eileen, a dinner lady who spends the night with Simon and in a later episode goes on a date with Brian in series 3.

Who plays Maggie in teachers?

Zoe Telford
Key cast & crew credits

Andrew Lincoln Simon Casey (Series 1-3)
Daon Broni Damien Wallace (Series 4)
Zoe Telford Maggie (Series 1)
James Buckley ‘Gay’ John (Series 4)
Jonas Armstrong Anthony Millington (Series 4)

Which school is The Teacher filmed?

The Teacher is set in Bradford, Yorkshire, but it was not filmed there. Instead, it was mostly filmed in Budapest, Hungary.

Why did the show teachers end?

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Despite excitement surrounding the series, TVSeriesFinale.com reports that its third season was down 27 percent in ratings and 29 percent in viewers, so perhaps the numbers just didn’t do enough to keep it on the air.

Is The Teacher set in Newcastle?

Given that The Teacher actor Kelvin Fletcher let slip earlier this week that the drama, while predominantly set in Bradford, was actually filmed in Budapest, there’s a good change the Newcastle scene setters were actually just random landscape shots and the gym wasn’t actually in Tyneside.

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What happened to Simon in teachers?

By the end of the second series, Simon decides to go travelling and is replaced by Matt (James Lance). He returns for a couple of episodes in series three but Jenny and Susan don’t.