How do you talk to Lani in Madain Sari?

First, you must be on disc 4. Or, since this port doesn’t have disc changes, you must have returned from Terra, after which the world is covered with Mist . Now, go to Madain Sari with Dagger in your team, and go to the kitchen and try to talk to Lani. She jumps away.

Where is Quina after Madain Sari?

Quina stays behind in Madain Sari when the rest move on, and surfaces in Lindblum later, also appearing in some ATEs in Treno. When the party gets the Blue Narciss, Quina remains as a permanent party member.

How many discs are in FFIX?

Final Fantasy IX is four discs. It was originally released on the Playstation 1.

What is daggers real name?

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, alias Dagger and birth name Sarah, is the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy IX, and the heir of Alexandria in the 17th generation. Garnet notices a change in her mother, Queen Brahne, and seeks to escape Alexandria Castle.

Who destroyed Madain Sari?

Ten years prior to the game’s start, Garland ordered Kuja to destroy Madain Sari because he feared the tribe’s power of summoning eidolons could come between him and his plans.

How much is FF9 worth?

Final Fantasy IX Playstation

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-09-18 Final Fantasy IX PS1 Brand New Factory Sealed BLACK LABEL Rare PlayStation 1 FF9 $1,200.00
2021-09-12 Final Fantasy IX PS1 Brand New Factory Sealed BLACK LABEL Rare PlayStation 1 FF9 $570.00
2021-05-08 Final Fantasy IX [on PriceCharting] $300.00

Who is Garnet’s mother?

Jane is the biological mother of Princess Garnet in Final Fantasy IX. Originally from Madain Sari, Jane died while trying to escape the unnatural storm that had struck the summoners’ village.

Where is Madain Sari in Final Fantasy IX?

According to Final Fantasy IX Ultimania, Madain Sari is located where the pulse of the planet Gaia runs its most focused, and the people of Madain Sari studied the workings of nature and use of summoning magic.

Are there any Ates in Madain Sari PS4?

Unfortunately, some of these ATEs are easy to miss. Make sure you save your game outside of Madain Sari so that you can reset and retry if you end up missing any. Trophies are optional achievements that you can unlock by completing certain tasks in the PS4 version of the game.

How do I find dagger in Madain Sari?

Let Chimomo cook, and lend a hand Quina will be pulled out of the water and will assist with the remaining preparations. Follow the Moogle, Moco, down the pathway towards the Eidolon Wall for some more dialogue. Go back to the square and back towards the entrance to Madain Sari to find Dagger staring off into the distance.

Does Madain Sari have a save point?

Madain Sari is a location in the northern region of the Outer Continent in Final Fantasy IX. It is a ruined village, where a tribe of summoners once lived. Despite being populated with moogles, Madain Sari is the only town/village in which there is no moogle save point .