Where is Black Bayou?

Black Bayou is a 66.6-mile-long (107.2 km) river in Texas and Louisiana. It is a tributary of Twelvemile Bayou, which feeds Cross Bayou and consequently the Red River and the Mississippi River.

How many acres is Black Bayou Lake?

Black Bayou Lake is a 5300 acre refuge providing habitat for waterfowl, endangered wildlife, neo-tropical migrants, and resident wildlife.

Where can I see alligators in Monroe Louisiana?

Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge
May see a gator in the wild for free – Review of Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Monroe, LA – Tripadvisor.

What animals find refuge in the bayous in Louisiana?

Common mammals found in the refuge are white-tailed deer, squirrels, otters, raccoons, feral hogs (wild boars), nutria (a muskrat-like burrowing rodent), and mink. Noisy bullfrogs and turtles are also common on the refuge.

How big is Cypress Lake Benton LA?

3,300 acres
Cypress is the larger of the two lakes at 3,300 acres, while Black Bayou’s waters claim 800 acres.

Are there mountain lions in Louisiana?

Because of the lack of physical evidence, LDWF has concluded Louisiana does not have an established, breeding population of cougars. In states that have verified small populations of cougars, physical evidence can readily be found in the form of tracks, cached deer kills, scat and road kill.

Are there alligators in Cypress Black Bayou?

Has some of the best bike riding and a small zoo with peacocks,deer,foxes, and of course an alligator. Also good fishing. Cypress Recreation Is a very nice place to visit. Beautiful lake surrounds the RV peninsula.

How do you get to Cypress Lake?

Cypress Lake is accessed via a forest service road that is used for off-road vehicles. While this doesn’t make the trail itself the most enjoyable, the hike in is still peaceful and the forest is scenic. It is a steady, uphill climb to reach Cypress Lake, which sits at about 800 m elevation.

Do they eat alligator in Louisiana?

Alligator meat is used in dishes such as gumbo, and is used in traditional Louisiana Creole cuisine. Cuts from the animal used include meat from the animal’s tail and backbone, which have been described as “the choicest cuts”.

Does Louisiana have mountain lions?

Do Jaguars live in Louisiana?

Historically, the jaguar was also recorded in far eastern Texas, coastal Louisiana, and the northern parts of Arizona and New Mexico. However, since the 1940s, the jaguar has been limited to southern areas of Arizona.

Are there alligators in Monroe?

For a true Louisiana experience, head a few minutes north of Monroe to Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Paddle along and you’ll probably see floating alligators, swimming turtles, and great blue herons wading under towering bald cypress trees.