What is the thinnest kitchen cabinet?

The narrowest kitchen cabinet is nine inches, which you can often use as a pull-out spice rack. It is a great way to utilize small spaces that could not be filled with a normal-sized cabinet. These narrow cabinets can also be used to store long utensils, that wouldn’t otherwise fit in drawers, or cookie baking sheets.

Where can you get replacement cabinet doors?

You can purchase your wood cabinet door replacement from Cabinetdoors.com in a variety of wood types, and in whatever size you need for your remodeling or new-home project. We ship fully-sanded doors right to your front door in a matter of about 2 to 4 short weeks, depending on the finish you choose.

Where to buy new cabinet doors?

We custom-build each cabinet door and ship it directly to you,the customer.

  • Our replacement kitchen cabinet doors are made from high-quality woods and built on 21st-century woodworking equipment.
  • We can produce most orders within 7-10 business days (about 2 weeks longer if you have us paint them for you).
  • Can you buy new kitchen cabinet doors?

    You can definitely just replace cabinet doors. If you’re up for a little bit of work with some basic tools, and maybe a spare set of hands to help, you can even do it yourself. Why Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors? If you were to replace a whole set of kitchen wall cabinets, you’d be looking at a major renovation and a major bill to match it. Whereas, replacement kitchen cabinet doors can be accomplished relatively inexpensively.

    How do you replace a kitchen cabinet door?

    Measure up from the bottom of the door to two inches,then mark the spot with a horizontal line.

  • Position the bottom of the new hinge so it’s even with the mark and flush along the edge of the door.
  • Insert a finish nail or awl into the holes on the hinge where it will be screwed to the door.