What can I put on a dedication plaque?

Some Basics

  1. Opening phrases such as “Dedicated to” or “In Memory of”;
  2. The name or names of those being honored, or an explanation of the reason for the dedication (usually italicized for emphasis);
  3. The dates related to the event, person, dedication, etc.;

What do you say on plaques?

Wording for Engraved Plaques

  1. The best messages for engraved plaques are: Thoughtful.
  2. Show Thoughtfulness.
  3. Keep It Simple.
  4. Be Brief.
  5. Compliment the Recipient.
  6. Write In General Terms.
  7. Stay Relevant.
  8. Be Sincere.

What is the size of the appreciation plaque?

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How to give an appreciation plaque as a gift?

Be it your spouse, employee or a friend who did you a favor, the best way to give a gift that will truly be acknowledged is to give an appreciation plaque. We only use premium quality metals for our products. Please choose the type of metal that you would like for your plaque. We offer different installation options for your plaque.

What are the benefits of appreciation awards and plaques?

An appreciation award with careful wording offers even more value when it’s set out on a desk or put in plain view of customers and other employees. When showcased to the public, stone and marble plaques and awards add value to a company and its employees by reminding them daily of the importance of their loyalty and discipline.

What is an example of an employee appreciation plaque?

For example, a customer may walk into a bank and spot a blue crystal employee appreciation plaque on a teller’s desk. The award alone may draw that customer in and reassure them they are receiving exceptional and reliable service.