Is ITDC a govt company?

The India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) is a hospitality, retail and education company owned by Government of India, under Ministry of Tourism. Established in 1966, it owns over 17 properties under the Ashok Group of Hotels brand, across India.

What is full form ITDC?

India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) | Ministry Of Tourism | Government of India.

How many Ashok Group hotels are operating under ITDC?

four Ashok Group
The present network of ITDC consists of four Ashok Group of Hotels, four Joint Venture Hotels, seven transport units part of the travel and tourism infrastructure, 14 Duty-Free Shops at Seaports, one sound and light show, and four catering outlets.

What is the role of ITDC?

(ITDC) came into existence in October 1966 with the sole objective of developing and expending tourism infrastructure in the country and thereby promoting India as a tourist destination.

What is the function of ITDC?

Objectives of ITDC: > To develop tourism infrastructure. The construction, management and, marketing of tourism products including hotels and catering units. Establishment and management of tourist transport. The setting up of shopping facilities and to provide duty free and tax free shops.

How many hotels is ITDC?

In 2019, there are over 700,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. The global hotel market has over 4 million hotel rooms worldwide.

Is Ashoka hotel is Government or private?

The Ashok hotel is owned by the Indian Tourism Development Corporation, in which the government has over 87% stake.

In which year ITDC came into existence?

ITDC came into existence in October 1966 and has been the prime mover in the progressive development, promotion and expansion of tourism in the country.

Who made Ashoka hotel?

architect E.B. Doctor
History. The Ashok was built in 1956 by the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru on 25 acres of parkland donated to the government by the Prince Regent of Jammu and Kashmir, Karan Singh and designed by architect E.B. Doctor.

How many Ashoka hotels are there in India?

There are eight 5 star Ashok Group of Hotels across the country, all of them run and managed by Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). These are located at New Delhi, Jammu, Patna, Ranchi, Bhubaneshwar and Pondicherry.

What is medium size hotel?

1) Small hotel : Hotels with 25 rooms or less are classified as small hotels. E.g Hotel Alka,New Delhi and the oberoi Vanyavilas ,Ranthambore. 2) Medium Hotel: Hotel with twenty six to 100 rooms are calledmedium hotels,E.g Hotel Taj view ,Agra and chola sheraton Hotel, Chennai.