Is Elektra in the comics?

Elektra Natchios (UK: /ˈnætʃiɒs/, US: /-oʊs/) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Frank Miller, the character first appeared in Daredevil #168 (Jan. 1981).

Is Elektra an assassin?

Elektra Natchios, usually referred to only by her first name Elektra, is a fictional character in publications from Marvel Comics. She is a kunoichi – female ninja assassin – of Greek descent. She wields a pair of bladed sai as her trademark weapon.

Who trained Elektra in the comics?

the Hand
Elektra NatchiosElektra. Trained by the Hand to become an assassin, Elektra Natchios works as a deadly mercenary for anyone willing to pay her price. 130 lbs.

Does Elektra have a kid?

Wolverine and Elektra’s Daughter is as Deadly As They Are. Wolverine has had a lot of children in the various Marvel universes, but Rina Logan, his daughter with Elektra is one of the deadliest.

What is Elektra’s real name?

Elektra Natchios was born on a Greek island near the Aegean Sea to Hugo Kostas Natchios and his wife Christina Natchios. Elektra’s mother was gunned down while vacationing on a yacht. After her mother’s death, Elektra grew up close to her father but was plagued by visions and voices with no known source.

Is Elektra part of the Hand?

Daredevil, the Black Widow and Stone, the new leader of the Chaste, prevented Elektra from again becoming part of the Hand. Thanks to Daredevil’s efforts, Stone went on to complete Elektra’s resurrection. Since she was now pure of spirit, Elektra was finally allowed to become a member of the Chaste.

Who does Claire Temple end up with?

In the now-retitled Luke Cage, Power Man #18 (April 1974), Cage mourns his ex-girlfriend Reva Connors, who had been killed because of his rivalry with Willis Stryker. Despite Cage’s belief that everyone who gets close to him dies, he and Claire decide to stay together.

What nationality is Elektra?

In the comics, Elektra Natchios is a Greek law student who Matt first meets at Columbia University in New York. She’s the daughter of a Greek ambassador, but both she and her father are kidnapped and held for ransom.

What is Elektra Assassin about?

Written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz, Elektra: Assassin satirizes ultra-violence, politics, comic book clichés like ninjas and cyborgs, and the portrayal of women.

How did Elektra defeat the Beast in the comics?

The Beast manages to get Wind elected president, but Elektra thwarts the plan with her psychic powers and ninja skills. In a final confrontation, Elektra manages to injure The Beast, terminate Perry, and transfer the mind of Garrett into Ken Wind and vice versa before she and Garrett are captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

What happens in the first issue of Elektra?

The first issue is very disjointed, as Elektra pieces together jumbled memories ranging from the murder of her mother, molestation by her father (which she says is actually an invented memory), to more recent events such as an assassination she carried out.

What is the ISBN for Elektra by Frank Miller?

It was also included in the 2008 hardcover Elektra by Frank Miller Omnibus ( ISBN 0-7851-2777-1 ). It was released as part of the Marvel Premiere Classic hardcovers line in March 2012.