What percentile is a 650 on the GMAT?

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Score Percentile
680 82%
670 80%
660 77%
650 73%

What percentile is a 700 GMAT?

88th percentile
A 700 GMAT is the 88th percentile according to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). In other words, just 12% of every test taken – or roughly 1 in every 10 – ultimately yield a score of 700 or above.

What GMAT score is 95th percentile?

The average GMAT score for top schools falls around 719 and the average GMAT percentile is 95th percentile. These average scores are quite high, but remember that they represent an average. Some people got in with higher scores, and some got in with lower scores.

What score is 75 percentile in GMAT?

Two-thirds of test takers score between 400 and 600. GMAT Scores also include a Percentile Ranking. This number indicates the percent of test takers that you performed better than. A ranking of 75% means that 25% of test takers performed as well or better than you and 75% did not do as well.

How many people get a 770 on the GMAT?

It assures business schools that you can not only ‘get in’ but also ‘get through’ their MBA program. The GMAT score range between 200 and 800, with 800 being the highest GMAT score possible….GMAT scores and percentiles 2022.

GMAT score GMAT percentile
800 99%
790 99%
780 99%
770 99%

What business schools will your GMAT score get you into?

The need to manage GMAT averages also explains why well-qualified applicants with high GMAT scores attract so many merit-based scholarships. Most top business schools, like Harvard, Stanford and Wharton, have averages around 730.

How to send GMAT scores to business schools?

Each score report will include GMAT exam scores you have accepted within the past five years.

  • GMAT scores that you have canceled will not be shown.
  • Scores impacted by a Policy Violation or a Serious Violation will remain on your score report.
  • Score reporting fees are non-refundable.
  • You may not remove recipients once you have submitted your request.
  • What scores do you need to pass the GMAT?

    Total Score

  • Quantitative Score
  • Verbal Score
  • What are the average GMAT scores at top schools?

    – The average GMAT score is 564.84 – The average GMAT Verbal score is 27.11 – The average GMAT Quant score is 40.38 – The average GMAT AWA score is 4.45 – The average GMAT IR score is 4.51