What is the Iupac name for propofol?

Its uses include the starting and maintenance of general anesthesia, sedation for mechanically ventilated adults, and procedural sedation….Propofol.

Clinical data
IUPAC name 2,6-bis(propan-2-yl)phenol
CAS Number 2078-54-8
PubChem CID 4943

What is the functional group of propofol?

Propofol is a phenol resulting from the formal substitution of the hydrogen at the 2 position of 1,3-diisopropylbenzene by a hydroxy group. It has a role as an intravenous anaesthetic, a sedative, a radical scavenger, an antiemetic and an anticonvulsant.

Can you drink propofol?

ABC News’ Jim Avila and Bryan Lavietes report: An expert on the anesthetic that killed Michael Jackson testified today that ingesting propofol orally is not fatal. The prosecution’s final witness, Dr.

Where is propofol made?

Although Fresenius Kabi’s is the name on the vial of propofol used by many US doctors, production starts at factories owned by three other companies based in Italy, Switzerland, and South Carolina. They supply Fresenius Kabi with the active pharmaceutical ingredient, or API, the biologically active part of the drug.

Is propofol a drug?

Propofol is used as an “induction agent”—the drug that causes loss of consciousness— for general anesthesia in major surgery. In lower doses it is also used for “conscious sedation” of patients getting procedures on an outpatient basis at ambulatory surgery centers.

Is propofol addicting?

“Propofol dependence is a rapidly progressive form of substance dependence seen in 1.6 percent of all health care addiction cases reporting to treatment,” Drs Earley and Finver conclude.

Can I buy propofol?

This drug is administered by your healthcare practitioner (HCP), which usually means: It may be expensive. You cannot fill this prescription in a regular pharmacy. Your doctor, hospital, or clinic will provide this medication.

Why is propofol painful?

The pain is due to irritation of venous adventitia leading to release of mediators such as kininogen from kinin cascade. Lignocaine and ketamine are the most commonly used drugs to alleviate POPI.

Does propofol get you high?

“It’s like marijuana, Valium and the club drug Ketomine. It creates a unique high like no other drug.” Researchers and addiction experts say even medical professionals can get hooked on the drug because when used at lower doses, propofol produces a semi-conscious state, leaving many high or even giddy.