How do you Reprompt a set of prompts in a report?

Add prompt objects to your report so user can select values then add prompt button and set it to ‘reprompt’. Each time this button is pressed choices from the prompt objects will be passed to the filters in your report.

How do you create a variable in Cognos Report Studio?


  1. Create the variables that will define the minimum and maximum values of the Cognos Workspace slider.
  2. Click Manage ranges.
  3. Click the new icon.
  4. In the Name box, type the name of the range variable.
  5. Click the Minimum Variable list and select the variable that will be used to set the minimum value of the slider.

Where do you define variables to conditionally format content in a report Cognos?

Add a variable from the properties pane Before you can add conditional formatting or conditional rendering to your report, you must add a variable. You can create a variable in the condition explorer or in the Properties pane.

How do I create a cascading prompt in Cognos Report Studio?

From the Toolbox tab drag and drop a Value Prompt for the first prompt and in the “Create a new parameter” section enter “ProductLine”. 6. Click Next and in the “Data Item” section select ProductLine, click Next and then click Finish.

What is cascading prompt?

Cascading prompts are typically used to improve the user experience when dealing with related data items consumed by the prompt page. The cascade functionality limits the displayed prompt values based on the user’s selection within the parent prompt.

How do I use conditional formatting in Cognos report Studio?


  1. Open or create a report that you want to add conditional styles to.
  2. Select the object you wish to use.
  3. From the Properties pane on the right, go to Conditional Style.
  4. Click the green ‘+’ icon and select New conditional style.
  5. Select the data item you wish to use conditional styling on.

What is Cascade prompt in Cognos?

How do you select multiple values in a prompt in Cognos?

Click the prompt control. In the Properties pane, choose whether to allow users to specify more than one value or a range of values: To allow users to specify more than one value, set the Multi-select property to Yes.

What is Cascade Cognos?

How do I create a render variable in Cognos 11?


  1. Select the list column to be rendered conditionally.
  2. In the Properties pane, double-click the Render Variable property.
  3. Click Variable and click the variable that will determine if the column will be rendered.
  4. In the Render for box, select the values that the condition will support.

How do active report variables work in Cognos workspace?

To work in Cognos Workspace, active report variables must meet the following criteria: The variables must be public. When you make a public variable, the variable can be consumed in other IBM Cognos products. For active reports to listen to each other in a workspace, each report must have a public variable with the same name.

What objects are available in IBM® Cognos® Report studio?

The following is a list of objects available in IBM ® Cognos ® Report Studio. A chart in which members of a data series are represented by three-dimensional areas of varying size and color. The three-dimensional area chart is one of three chart types that can be included in a three-dimensional combination chart.

How do I set default values for Cognos workspace variables?

To modify an existing variable, right-click the variable and click Edit variable. To add a default value, click Set default values. To change a default value, click the name of the current default value specified for the variable. Create the variables that will define the minimum and maximum values of the Cognos Workspace slider.

Does IBM Cognos Report Studio Display the number of employees with disabilities?

I am designing a report in IBM Cognos Report Studio 10.2.2 that includes a list of different types of disabilities and the count of employees that have each type of disability. However, this list is only supposed to display if there are at least 10 employees with some kind of disability.