Where does a 5 Bus go in Brighton?

The 5 bus (Hangleton) has 60 stops departing from Craignair Avenue, Patcham and ending in Hardwick Road, Hangleton. 5 bus timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 06:02 and ends at 23:04. Normal operating days: everyday.

Does 5a go to Hove Polyclinic?

The N5 is the last Bus that goes to Hove Polyclinic in Brighton And Hove.

What number Bus goes to Preston Park Brighton?

The 5B is the first Bus that goes to Preston Park in Brighton And Hove.

How far is Brighton coach station from the beach?

It only takes 11 minutes to walk from Brighton station to the beach. Simply head out of the station and walk down Queens Road to the very end, where you’ll see the beach right in front of you.

Where is Park and Ride for Brighton?

North Street – for Royal Pavilion, The Lanes and North Laine. Sea Life Centre – for Brighton Palace Pier.

What number bus goes to Brighton racecourse?

These Bus lines stop near Brighton Racecourse: 17, 18, 2, 21, 21A, 22, 271, 37B.

Where do coaches stop in Brighton?

Local buses stop in the center of Brighton outside Churchill Square Shopping Center, where there is an inquiry office.

How much is parking at Brighton?

Brighton Centre Russell Road compared to other car parks nearby

Brighton Centre Russell Road
Tariff 1 hour £2.95 1 to 2 hours £5.90 2 to 3 hours £8.85 3 to 24 hours £8.95 App 1 hour £2.45 App 1 to 2 hours £4.90 App 2 to 3 hours £7.35 App 3 to 24 hours £7.95
Number of Spaces Total Spaces 72 Wider bays 0 Disabled bays 2

Can I park at Brighton racecourse?

The Racecourse is at the top of the hill. Car parking is free.

What time do night buses start Brighton?

between midnight and 5am
You can also get a night bus (N25) back to campus from the centre of Brighton. There are two services an hour between midnight and 5am. Buses may not stop at the same point they drop you off, so check with the driver if you’re unsure of where to get your bus home.

What station in London goes to Brighton?

There are two main stations in London that trains to Brighton start from – London Victoria and London Blackfriars – however you can also hop on a train to Brighton from London St Pancras, Farringdon, London Bridge and East Croydon.

How far is Brighton station to the beach?

What time does the 5 bus stop on Sunday?

Services on the 5 bus stop at 22:37 on Sunday. What time does the 5 bus arrive? When does the Patcham Bus arrive? Check Live Arrival Times for live arrival times and to see the full timetable for Patcham Bus that is closest to your location. 5 bus route operates on everyday. Timetable hours: 06:15 – 23:52

How many stops does the 5A bus have in Hangleton?

The 5A bus (Hangleton) has 61 stops departing from Craignair Avenue, Patcham and ending in Hardwick Road, Hangleton. 5A bus timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 05:42 and ends at 23:24.

What time does the 5 bus (Patcham) operate?

Timetable hours: 06:15 – 23:52 The 5 bus (Patcham) has 50 stops departing from Hardwick Road, Hangleton and ending in Craignair Avenue, Patcham. 5 bus timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 06:15 and ends at 23:52. Normal operating days: everyday.

How long is the 5 bus route?

The first stop of the 5 bus route is Hardwick Road, Hangleton and the last stop is Craignair Avenue, Patcham. 5 (Patcham) is operational during everyday. Additional information: 5 has 50 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 59 minutes. On the go?