How do you win the Teacher of the Year award?

The National Teacher of the Year Program looks for teachers who have the respect and admiration of their students. Teachers earn this respect and admiration by serving as role models for their students and always having the best interests of their students in mind.

What awards are given to teachers?

National Award to Teachers is the National award to the Teachers, being awarded by the President of India on 5 September (Teacher’s Day) every year to give public recognition to meritorious teachers working in primary, middle and secondary schools in India.

How do you get National award for teachers?

CONSIDERATION FOR THE AWARDS: 1. Classroom teachers with atleast 15 years regular teaching experience and Headmasters with 20 years of regular teaching experience and who are actually working as teachers/headmasters in recognized primary/middle/high/ higher secondary schools only shall be considered.

Who you are makes a difference Blue Ribbon?

The blue ribbon she created says, “Who I Am Makes a Difference” and the ceremony requires seven steps, beginning with looking the person in the eye and honoring them for the qualities that make them special, asking permission to place the ribbon over their heart and for them to receive the honor, and finally “Bing!” to …

How is Teacher of the Year chosen?

Nominations for Teacher of the Year can come from superintendents, principals, colleagues (present or former), parents of students, students (present or former) or other community members who have direct contact with the teacher.

How do I apply for national best teacher award?

The NAT is conferred to teachers and heads of schools working in recognized primary, middle, high, and higher secondary schools. Teachers from both government and private schools can apply for the NAT. Interested teachers can apply online at

How many awards are there for teachers?

All regular teachers are eligible and no minimum years of service is required. This enables meritorious young teachers to apply. The number of awards has been rationalized to 47 (45+2), thereby restoring the prestige of the awards.

Why are winning ribbons blue?

The association comes from The Blue Riband, a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by passenger liners and, prior to that from Cordon Bleu, which referred to the blue ribbon worn by the French knightly Order of the Holy Spirit.

How do you get National Award for teachers?