How much does it cost to level a tundra?

We’ve found that most shops will charge $150-$300 in labor (2-4 hours) to complete install.

What size tires will fit on a Tundra with a leveling kit?

Leveling Kit The most common wheel size we see to pair with a leveling kit on a Tundra is a 20×9” wheel. This is just big enough to make your rig stand out and look unique, while still allowing for a lot of sidewall to show from your tires.

Can you fit 33s on stock Tundra?

In short yes, you absolutely can fit 33’” tires on stock Tundra with no additional suspension modifications. A tire size of 275/70/18 is slightly bigger than 33″ and still fits perfectly on the stock suspension.

Does Toyota do leveling kits?

Rough Country’s 2.5″ – 3″ Leveling Suspension Kit for Toyota Tundra is the most innovative way for you to level the front of your vehicle with the rear, allowing you to dial in the angle you desire….Specs.

SKU 870
Est. Install Time 2-3 hours
Recommended Tire Size 305/65 R18
Recommended Wheel Backspacing Factory

What size tires can you fit on a leveled Tundra?

The maximum size on the Tundra is a 295/70/R18 or 295/60 in a 20 inch with a +18 to +20 wheel offset, on a 9-inch wide wheel.

What are the differences between the new Toyota Tundra’s double cab and CrewMax?

The new Tundra comes in Double Cab and CrewMax configurations, each with four doors. Double Cab models get a 6.5-foot bed or a new 8.1-foot bed, while Crew Max trucks connect to a 5.5-foot or 6.5-foot bed. Replacing the steel bed of the outgoing Tundra, the new truck uses an aluminum-reinforced sheet molded compound bed in all applications.

What is the best leveling kit for Toyota Tundra?

The Superlift leveling kit for the Toyota Tundra offers exceptional performance and quality at an affordable price. FREE SHIPPING to Lower 48 states The Rough Country leveling kit for your Toyota features front strut spacers.

How much can the Toyota Tundra tow?

The max tow rating for the new Tundra with the standard i-Force powertrain is 12,000 pounds (RWD SR5 Double Cab). With the hybrid i-Force Max powertrain, the RWD Limited CrewMax has a max tow rating of 11,450 pounds.

What are the options for the Toyota Tundra capstone model flagship?

Standalone options include a leather steering wheel, a heated leather steering wheel, a power tilt/slide moonroof with a sliding sunshade, a panoramic roof with power tilt/slide (and a power sunshade), and power boards and bed step. The new Tundra Capstone model Flagship is so loaded with standard equipment that few options exist.