Where is the RRS Discovery now?

Moved to a custom built dock in 1992, Discovery is now the centrepiece of Dundee’s visitor attraction Discovery Point. She is displayed in a purpose-built dock, in a configuration as near as possible to her 1924 state, when she was refitted in the Vosper yard at Portsmouth.

When was RRS Discovery launched?

March 21, 1901RRS Discovery / Launched

Who designed the RRS Discovery?

Our newest research ship and the fourth ship of its name, RRS Discovery is a multidisciplinary ship, specifically designed for the challenges of 21st century oceanography. RRS Discovery was designed by A.S. Skipsteknisk and was delivered to the National Oceanography Centre on the 8 July 2013.

Where is Scott’s ship Discovery moored?

The Royal Research Ship (RRS), Discovery is moored at Discovery Point in Dundee and open for visitor tours. Built in the city in 1900, RRS Discovery was the ship, which carried Captain Scott on his first expedition across the Antarctic. She was constructed in Dundee and returned home in 1986.

Is RRS Discovery Open?

We are open! Discovery Point and RRS Discovery Visit Information. In line with the Scottish Government move to Phase 3 we are excited to be able to once again welcome visitors.

When did RRS Discovery return Dundee?

She was to make two further voyages to Antarctica before being laid up in London. In 1986 she made her triumphant return to Dundee and her final berth, a fitting memorial to the heroes of Antarctica.

What does RRS stand for ships?

Royal Research Ship
A Royal Research Ship (RRS) is a merchant navy vessel of the United Kingdom that conducts scientific research for Her Majesty’s Government. Organisations operating such ships include; the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the National Oceanography Centre (NOC).

What is the old ship in Dundee?

Proudly docked in Dundee, HMS Unicorn is one of the oldest ships in the world. On National Unicorn Day, jump aboard this unique survivor from the golden age of sail.

How many RRS are there?

three RRS
There are currently three RRS in service, including RRS Sir David Attenborough. The other two are RRS James Cook, which has been on water since 2007, and RRS Discovery, which took to the waves in 2013.

Who owns RRS Sir David Attenborough?

NERC Research Ship Unit
RRS Sir David Attenborough

Falkland Islands
Namesake Sir David Attenborough
Owner NERC Research Ship Unit
Operator British Antarctic Survey

What does RRS stand for on a ship?

What is the RRS Discovery?

Designated Royal Research Ship (RRS) for the first time. British Oceanographic Expedition in Antarctic waters. British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE). Discovery’s last voyage to the far south. In London – Training ship for Sea Scouts and RN Reserve Rigging project completed. RRS Discovery “dressed” to celebrate.

How many voyages did the Discovery Museum have?

Discovery’s three main voyages, the National Antarctic Expedition (1901–1904), the Discovery Oceanographic Expedition (1925–1927) and the BANZARE expedition (1929–31), are all explored in the museum through film and photographic evidence with artefacts from each era represented.

When did HMS Discovery become part of the Royal Naval Reserve?

In 1960, following reforms to the reserve forces, HMS Discovery became part of the newly unified Royal Naval Reserve and was the flagship of the Admiral Commanding, Reserves, thus becoming one of only two sailing ships to fly the White Ensign and an Admiral’s flag during the 20th century along with HMS Victory .

Is the discovery on the National Register?

DISCOVERY was recorded on the National Register of Historic Vessels in 1996 and is a member of the National Historic Fleet. 3. How does the vessel’s shape or form combine and contribute to her function?