What does each color ghost do in Pac-Man?

To prevent the game from becoming impossibly difficult or too boring to play, each of the ghosts were programmed to have their own distinct traits — the red ghost would directly chase Pac-Man, the pink and blue ghosts would position themselves in front of him, and the orange ghost would be random.

What is the pink ghost in Pac-Man Called?

The Ghost Gang as seen in Pac-Land. Pinky (top left), Blinky, (bottom left), Inky (center), Clyde (bottom right), and Sue (top right). The Ghost Gang as seen in the Hanna Barbera Pac-Man cartoon. Clyde is orange, Inky is blue, Blinky is red, Pinky is pink, and Sue is purple.

What are the Pac-Man ghost Colors?

In Pac-Man the red ghost is blinky, the pink ghost is pinky, blue is blinky and orange is clyde.

What does the Red ghost in Pac-Man do?

Each of the four ghosts has a unique behaviour while chasing Pac-Man. Blinky the red ghost is very aggressive in its approach while chasing Pac-Man and will follow Pac-Man once located. Pinky the pink ghost will attempt to ambush Pac-Man by trying to get in front of him and cut him off.

What does the light blue ghost do in Pac-Man?

In the 1982 animated series, Inky appears alongside Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, and Sue. He works with Mezmeron in attempt to stop Pac-Man and seize the Power Pellets. He is portrayed as the dumbest and clumsiest ghost.

What does the cyan ghost do in Pac-Man?

Inky the cyan ghost will patrol an area and is not very predictable in this mode. Clyde the orange ghost is moving in a random fashion and seems to stay out of the way of Pac-Man. In “Scatter” mode, the ghosts will stop chasing Pac-Man and each will move into its respective corners for a few seconds.

What is Pac-Man power pellet?

A Power Pellet (パワーエサ), also known as an Energizer, is an object used in the Pac-Man games. In arcade games, when Pac-Man devours a Power Pellet, it causes the ghosts to go into Blue Mode, allowing him to eat them.