How many pictures fit on a 16GB flash drive?

For a typical 5 megapixel photo… a 16GB flash drive can hold approx 10,400 of them. For larger pictures, fewer. For smaller pictures, more.

How much does a 16 GB flash drive hold?

16GB – can hold approximately 10240 images, 3840 MP3 files, 300,000+ pages of Word documents, or 5120 minutes of video. 32GB – can hold approximately 20480 images, 7680 MP3 files, 600,000+ pages of Word documents, or 10240 minutes of video.

How many pictures can you put on a 32GB flash drive?

Assuming an average picture file size of 4MB, you will get between 7,500 to 8,000 pictures on a 32GB flash drive.

How many photos can I store on a 32GB flash drive?

How many average size photos can you store on a flash drive with the capacity of 1 gigabyte?

/ A 1GB drive can hold an estimated 595 photos (with a 5 megapixel camera at standard resolution settings). The average photo album holds 200 photos.

Can I store my photos on a flash drive?

You can put as many photos on your flash drive as the flash drive will allow. For example, a flash drive with 64 gigabytes’ worth of space can store roughly 64 gigabytes’ worth of photos.

How many photos can a 16GB SD card hold?

The file size and file format both play a major role when it comes to capacity. Depending on those factors, you’ll be able to fit somewhere between 200 and 12,000 images onto a 16GB memory card. Typically, a 16GB sd card can hold around 2861 JPEG photos in 16 megapixels.

What is the read/write transfer rate of the transcend cards?

Also, per the product description the manufacturer states “…ultra-fast read/write transfer rates of up to 20/18 MB/s”. Either I have received 2 defective (or counterfeit cards) or both transcend and Amazon’s statements are baloney (at least for the 8GB version of these cards)!

How much does a 16GB memory card cost?

Fortunately, memory cards are cheaper than ever. What was once a significant expenditure for photographers is now an afterthought, and the average 16GB card costs between $3-12 depending on the brand. Ways to Use Your Photo Capacity Even a relatively small 16GB memory card provides lots of storage.