What were the robots called in Silent Running?

The three drone robots Huey, Dewey, and Louie (named after Donald Duck’s nephews) were operated by four multiple-amputee actors: Mark Persons, Steve Brown, Cheryl Sparks, and Larry Whisenhunt.

What is the movie Silent Running about?

After the end of all botanical life on Earth, ecologist Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern) maintains a greenhouse on a space station in order to preserve various plants for future generations. Assisted by three robots and a small human crew, Lowell rebels when he is ordered to destroy the greenhouse in favor of carrying cargo, a decision that puts him at odds with everyone but his mechanical companions. Lowell and his robots are forced to do anything necessary to keep their invaluable greenery alive.Silent Running / Film synopsis

Why is the film called Silent Running?

Silent Running is a 1972 environmental-themed American post-apocalyptic science fiction film. It is the directorial debut of Douglas Trumbull, and stars Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts, Ron Rifkin, and Jesse Vint….

Silent Running
Budget $1,350,000

Is Silent Running a good movie?

In the end, SILENT RUNNING is a pretty good film, and a deserved cult item, but not a classic in the strict sense of the word. That said, it is a whole lot better than the only other feature film Trumbull directed, the dull and overblown BRAINSTORM (1983).

What movie was the song Silent Running in?

On Dangerous Ground
The song’s original title was simply “Silent Running”; the name extension was given when the song was chosen to appear in the 1986 movie On Dangerous Ground, which was titled Choke Canyon in the United States.

What was the inspiration for Silent Running?

Mike Rutherford, the “Mike” of Mike + The Mechanics, wrote this song with the Scottish musician B.A. Robertson, his frequent collaborator. “It was really about time travel,” Rutherford said in a Songfacts interview.

What happened to the robots in silent running?

In the post-apocalyptic sci-fi, Dern’s character reprograms his spaceship’s service robots to plant trees and play poker (Credit: Getty Images) Silent Running’s ongoing appeal is owed, in part, to the prescience of this ecologically-inflected premise.

What makes silent running so different from other films?

“Silent Running” somewhat bounces back and forth between John Carpenter’s “Dark Star” and Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” (for which director Trumbull was the special effects supervisor). The former is ultra-low budgeted and heavily plays on parody, whereas the latter is massively expensive and exaggeratedly perfectionist.

Is silent running a 21st century space movie?

Released in 1972, Silent Running was a kitsch take on the space movie. Lewis Gordon explores how the film anticipated 21st-Century technology. S Silent Running opens with an exquisite close-up of brightly coloured flora and slowly moving fauna.

What kind of robot is billiard’s playing robot in silent running?

The “billiard’s” playing robot is actually an AMF Versatran industrial robot. Regarding “Silent Running”, for a 1972 movie, the Versatran was still considered a state-of-the-art industrial robot.