How do I vote for AGT contestant?

  1. Vote using Mobile App: If you are an iOS or Android mobile user, then you can install The AGT Official App from the App Store or Google Playstore.
  2. Vote using This is another method to vote your favourite contestants. To vote using this voting method, you need to open in your browser.

How won America’s Got Talent 2013?

Kenichi Ebina
Kenichi Ebina won Season 8 on September 18, 2013, a 38-year-old dancer. The runner-up was stand-up comedian Taylor Williamson.

What season of AGT was in 2013?

eighth season
The eighth season of American talent show competition series America’s Got Talent was broadcast on NBC from June 4 to September 18, 2013….America’s Got Talent (season 8)

America’s Got Talent
Original network NBC
Original release June 4 – September 18, 2013
Season chronology

Who were the AGT judges 2013?

20, 2013 — Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel are set to return as judges to NBC’s top-rated summer competition series “America’s Got Talent.” Nick Cannon will also return as host.

Can you still vote on AGT?

The America’s Got Talent Official App is the best way to PLAY ALONG, VOTE and SAVE while watching the show.

How do you vote on BGT?

This year, Britain’s Got Talent has a brand new online way to vote via – a dedicated site where you can choose who makes it to the BGT Final and crowned our 2022 Winner!

Who won 2012 AGT?

The twelfth season was won by singing ventriloquist Darci Lynne, with singer Angelica Hale finishing second, and glow-light dance troupe Light Balance placing third.

How did Bianca Ryan lost her voice?

Health. Ryan underwent two vocal surgeries and an abdominal surgery in 2016 after a doctor told her that she was a high-risk candidate for esophageal cancer. One of her vocal cords was paralyzed, and she was told she might never sing again. That surgery was successful and she felt like she was given a ‘new’ voice.

Who won AGT 2012?

Olate Dogs
The seventh season was won by dog tricks act Olate Dogs, with stand-up comedian Tom Cotter finishing in second, and earth harpist William Close placing third.

When was season 13 of AGT?

The thirteenth season of American talent show competition series America’s Got Talent was broadcast on NBC from May 29 to September 19, 2018. The season saw no major changes to the program, with the guest judges for this season’s Judge Cuts stage including Ken Jeong, Olivia Munn, Martina McBride and Chris Hardwick.

Who won Britain’s Got Talent 2013 final?

shadow theatre group Attraction
Series 7 of Britain’s Got Talent was held in 2013, and was won by shadow theatre group Attraction. The judges were Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden.

Why is Howie Mandel not on 2022?

“Howie Mandel is not feeling well today, so he will not be joining us,” Crews said. “Since Howie is not here, two ‘yeses’ will let the Act advance, and three Red Buzzers mean that your Act is over.” So, we can breathe a sigh of relief that Mandel’s absence is temporary.

How old is Simon Cowell?

62 years (October 7, 1959)Simon Cowell / Age

Who won AGT 2014?

magician Mat Franco
The ninth season was won by magician Mat Franco, with singer Emily West finishing in second, and acrobatic group Acro Army placing third.

Who won AGT in 2016?

ukuleleist Grace VanderWaal
The eleventh season was won by singer and ukuleleist Grace VanderWaal, with mentalist duo The Clairvoyants finishing second, and magician Jon Dorenbos placing third. During its broadcast, the season averaged around 11.44 million viewers.

Who won 1st AGT?

Bianca Ryan
Season 1, Bianca Ryan Ryan was just 11 years old when she became the first-ever winner of America’s Got Talent. Her larger-than-life vocals and renditions of classics like Dreamgirls’ “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” and “I Am Changing” stunned Judges and viewers, leading to her victory.

How old is Bianca Ryan now?

27 years (September 1, 1994)Bianca Ryan / Age

Why was Aaron Crow eliminated?

Aaron did not receive enough votes to advance to the Finals in Episode 1320, eliminating him from the competition along with Da RepubliK instead of Vicki Barbolak.

Who came second in Britain’s Got Talent 2013?

comedian Jack Carroll
Series 7 (2013) The series was won by shadow theatre troupe Attraction, with comedian Jack Carroll coming in second, and opera duo Richard & Adam placing third.