When was Shiroro dam constructed?

Niger Dams Project … 1984, and the dam at Shiroro Gorge on the Kaduna River, west of Bida in Niger state, began operations in 1990.

Which is the largest dam in Nigeria?

Kainji Dam
Kainji Dam is a 7.2km long gravity dam on the River Niger. It created Lake Kainji, which at 135km long and 30km wide at its widest point, is the largest man-made lake in Nigeria.

When was Kainji Dam created?

1968Kainji Dam / Date opened

Where is Shiroro dam found?

Niger State
Shiroro Hydroelectric Power Station

Shiroro Power Station
Country Nigeria
Location Shiroro, Niger State
Coordinates 9°58′30″N 6°50′04″E
Status Operational

Who owns Shiroro dam?

The company’s authorised share capital is five million (5,000,000) Naira divided into ten million (10,000,000) ordinary shares wholly owned by FGN through Ministry of Finance Incorporated (MOFI) and BPE.

How many dams is in Nigeria?

The study revealed that there are 323 large, medium and small dams, which have been constructed and are being operational in Nigeria. They have a total storage capacity of more than 30×109 m3. Eighty-five percent of the larger dams are located in the Sudano-Sahelian zone of the country.

How many dam are in Nigeria?

What happened Kainji Dam?

Kainji Dam has not collapsed, its still intact – ICRC The Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) has confirmed that the integrity of Kainji Dam is “intact and that the facility is operating flawlessly”.

Who owns shiroro powerplant?

Nigeria’s North South Power Company is an ambitious electricity-generating company with a focus on providing renewable energy to a power-hungry continent. The company’s key asset is the 600MW Shiroro Hydroelectric Power Station, which it acquired under a 30-year concession, signed in November 2013.

What is the capacity of Shiroro dam?

The Shiroro reservoir has a total installed capacity of 600MW, with four Francis turbines of 150 MW each (NEPA, 1984).

How many hydroelectric power plant do we have in Nigeria?

Here are the 30 Power Plants in Nigeria, their Location, Generating Capacity and Type. Nigeria at present has an installed capacity to generate 13,000 MW.

How many oceans are in Nigeria?

5 OCEANS AND SEAS Nigeria faces the Gulf of Guinea, which is a part of the Atlantic Ocean.

How many rivers are in Nigeria?

In Nigeria there are eight main river basins, i.e. the Benue, Delta and Cross Rivers, the Imo-Anambra, Hadejia-Chad, Sokoto-Rima, Niger, Owena and Ogun, and Osun Basins.

How many dams are in Nigeria?

Is Kainji Dam still working?