How can I get datediff between two dates in SQL?

To find the difference between dates, use the DATEDIFF(datepart, startdate, enddate) function. The datepart argument defines the part of the date/datetime in which you’d like to express the difference. Its value can be year , quarter , month , day , minute , etc.

Can I use datediff in Oracle?

You can simply subtract two dates. You have to cast it first, using to_date : select to_date(‘2000-01-01’, ‘yyyy-MM-dd’) – to_date(‘2000-01-02’, ‘yyyy-MM-dd’) datediff from dual ; The result is in days, to the difference of these two dates is -1 (you could swap the two dates if you like).

What is the difference between SQL Plus and SQL * Plus?

SQL is a command language that is used for communication with the Oracle server from any tool or application….SQL Statements Versus SQL*Plus Commands.

Is entered into the SQL buffer on one or more lines Is entered one line at a time, not stored in the SQL buffer

What does datediff function do?

You can use the DateDiff function to determine how many specified time intervals exist between two dates. For example, you might use DateDiff to calculate the number of days between two dates, or the number of weeks between today and the end of the year.

How do I subtract a date in SQL?

MySQL DATE_SUB() Function

  1. Subtract 10 days from a date and return the date: SELECT DATE_SUB(“2017-06-15”, INTERVAL 10 DAY);
  2. Subtract 15 minutes from a date and return the date:
  3. Subtract 3 hours from a date and return the date:
  4. Add 2 months to a date and return the date:

How do you find the difference between two rows in SQL?

To calculate a difference, you need a pair of records; those two records are “the current record” and “the previous year’s record”. You obtain this record using the LAG() window function. This function allows you to obtain data from the previous record (based on an order criterion, which here is “ ORDER BY year ”).

How does DATEDIFF work in SQL?


  • DATEDIFF () Arguments: The date part is the portion of a date that you want to compare with the end date and start date,like a year,a fifth,a
  • Starting DATE/Ending DATE Argument.
  • DATE PART as Argument: The principal argument in the DATEDIFF function is concerning DATEPART.
  • How to use dateadd and DATEDIFF functions in SQL?

    date_part is the part of date to which the DATEADD () function will add the value.

  • value is an integer number to be added to the date_part of the input_date.
  • input_date is a literal date value or an expression which can resolve to a value of type DATE,DATETIME,DATETIMEOFFSET,DATETIME2,SMALLATETIME,or TIME
  • How to convert DATEDIFF back to datetime?

    The pattern string is case-sensitive.

  • All fields are variable length,and thus must use separators to specify the boundaries of the fields,with the exception of the time zone values.
  • Time zone offset formats must be at the end of the pattern string.
  • How to implement isnull and getdate into DATEDIFF statement?

    The interval argument has these settings: The firstdayofweek argument has these settings: Use the NLS API setting. Use the NLS API setting. Start with week in which January 1 occurs (default). Start with the first week that has at least four days in the new year. Start with first full week of the year.