Did Mimi know Nikko was married?

In an in-depth interview Mimi discusses the brawling at the L&HH reunion, discovering Nikko’s secret wife, and her future going forward. Shockingly Mimi reveals that she discovered Nikko’s secret from a gossip blog – one that’s notorious for getting things wrong, in fact!

What happened with Nikko and Mimi?

Mimi Faust’s sex tape scandal with Nikko London Chaos erupts when London reveals a sex tape he and Faust made is missing, along with luggage he claims was stolen. The two eventually cut a deal with Vivid Entertainment for the tape’s release, which Faust’s castmates do not agree with.

Did Mimi release her own tape?

Nikko’s wife Margeaux believed Nikko’s latest twist that it was really Mimi running the show. Tonight, Mimi finally decided to come clean: she told her ex Stevie J that she and Nikko had done a private sex tape, then Nikko suggested they shop it around. So they did this together and created that lame cover story.

What did Mimi do with the shower rod?

‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star Mimi Faust has caused quite a sensation with the infamous shower rod maneuver she performed in her racy new sex tape. Now ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kandi Buress is showing off her own shower acrobatics in two hilarious new videos that mock Mimi — and her super-strong shower rod.

Did Nikko leak the tape with Mimi?

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi finally came clean about the leaking of the sex tape with Nikko. With the probing from Margeaux and the threats from Nikko, Mimi revealed the truth first to none other than Stevie J.

Did Nikki get 25 Mimi’s book?

Nikko Explains Why He Deserves 25 Percent Of Mimi’s Book Deal [EXCLUSIVE]

Is Nikko still married?

Before Love & Hip Hop Margeaux Simms is a singer-songwriter and visual artist, originally from Toronto, Ontario. She married Nikko in 2007, and while they have since separated, they are still legally married.

What is Nikko worth?

Nikko net worth: Nikko is an American music producer and reality television star who has a net worth of $250 thousand dollars. Nikko Smith is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and gained national recognition as a cast member of the VH1 reality series, “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”.

Who is Rod on Love and Hip Hop?

Rod Bullock is a music manager, originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. He claims that he was instrumental in kickstarting Yung Joc’s music career. He also shares a past with Mimi, having dated her prior to her relationship with Stevie.

What happened to Nikko Lhhatl?

It is revealed towards the end of season that Nikko is still legally married. His wife, Margeaux Simms, joins the cast in season four. Nikko also appears in two episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: After Party Live!.

Is Jasmine and Rod still together?

Rod is eventually phased out of the show and does not attend the season’s reunion special. When Jasmine returns to the show the next season, she says the two have broken up.

Did Kirk take a DNA test?

Kirk finally got the results to his paternity test and don’t worry, he didn’t have to call Maury Povich to deliver them. Instead, he went to Rasheeda’s house (that he’s not staying in at the moment) and asked to move back in. After all, he says, “It’s a big house.”

Does Kirk have a relationship with Kannon?

Kirk and Rasheeda Frost have been married since 1999 and share two sons of their own together. Kirk has at least three additional children from previous relationships and welcomed Kannon in 2016 through an affair with Jasmine Washington.

Is Karter Kirk’s son?

She took to Instagram on Monday evening after the “LHHATL” season premiere aired with a photo of herself, her and Kirk’s 5-year-old son Karter Frost, and the D-Lo manager’s son Kannon sprawled on bed together. Rasheeda appeared to be tickling her stepson as her husband apparently snapped a photo of the sweet moment.

Is Kirk Frost the father?

Thomas FrostKirk Frost / Father

Is Jasmine’s Baby Kirk’s?

Washington, a former stripper, was at the center of drama during season 6 of “LHHATL” after she allegedly got pregnant by Frost while he was still with his wife Rasheeda Frost. Kirk, 49, took a paternity test which confirmed that he was indeed the father of Washington’s son Kannon.

Is there a Mimi Faust&Nikko scandal in Atlanta full tape?

“ Mimi Faust & Nikko Scandal In Atlanta ” full tape was released on Monday, April 21, 2014 via Vivid. Meanwhile, check out some Mimi Faust scandal tape ‘shower rod’ scenes that surely wouldn’t have made the cut. Item 1. 1. Memphis Rap Unreleased Video Footage: GNerd, DPKOM & Ryan Buckin, Jookin to Yo Gotti’s “Harder” 2.

What happened to Mimi and Nikko’s ‘Bachelorette’ tape?

Since Season 3, Mimi told friends and fans that the tape was stolen from Nikko’s bag at the airport. She maintained that Vivid Entertainment, the same company that released Kim Kardashian ’s recorded romp with Ray J, got hold of the footage and reached out to the couple to make a deal.

Who is Kelly Faust’s boyfriend Nikko Smith?

Her boyfriend is Nikko Smith, whose biggest claim to fame is not being the Nikko Smith who competed on American Idol once. Together, Faust and Smith made a sex tape, Scandal in Atlanta, that not so coincidentally came out a month before season three of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta begins. 2. If Scandal in Atlanta was a movie, it’d be Avatar.

Who is Love&Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust’s boyfriend?

Mimi Faust is one of the “stars” of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, VH1’s spinoff of Love & Hip Hop. Her boyfriend is Nikko Smith, whose biggest claim to fame is not being the Nikko Smith who competed on American Idol once.