Where are Charnwood stoves manufactured?

Exceptional British made wood & multi-fuel stoves. A J Wells & Sons Ltd, manufacturers of Charnwood Stoves, was founded in 1972 and is a privately owned, family controlled, British company that specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

Are Charnwood stoves cast iron?

Charnwood Stoves provide warmth to the whole of your property and with an amazing degree of control, economy and environmental friendliness. The bodies of the stoves are British built for durability and design aesthetics: plate steel, cast iron, fire brick and ceramic glass.

What are Charnwood stoves made of?

Charnwood C-Four Woodburning and Multi Fuel Stove Featuring a large picture window the Charnwood C-Four is the smallest model in the C-Series delivering a heat output to the room of between 2 to 5.5KW. The stove is steel plate lined and can take a log length of up to 255mm (10″).

How far should a wood burner be from the wall?

Choose the right hearth Starting from the ground up, you will need to place your stove on a non-combustible hearth, be it stone or toughened glass, with a minimum thickness of 12mm. In terms of the distance between the stove’s external surfaces and surrounding walls, the minimum to the rear and sides is 150mm.

Can you cook on a Charnwood stove?

The Charnwood Cooking Plate is ideal for stoves installed in open-plan living areas where cooking, dining and lounging are merged.

What county is Charnwood?

The Borough of Charnwood is a local government district with borough status in the north of Leicestershire, England, which has a population of 166,100 as of the 2011 census….

Borough of Charnwood
Administrative county Leicestershire
Admin. HQ Loughborough
• Type Charnwood Borough Council

How far off the wall does a log burner need to be?