How do I get rid of subtitles on my videos?

How to Get Rid of Subtitles on YouTube

  1. Look at the bottom of the YouTube video window as the video begins playing. If the video contains subtitles, a small “CC” logo will appear in this space, beside the “Change Quality” and screen-size icons.
  2. Click the “CC” icon to open the closed-captioning menu.
  3. Select this option.

How do I get rid of closed caption on Netflix?

To disable them:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select System.
  3. Select Console Settings.
  4. Select Display.
  5. Select Closed Captioning.
  6. Select Off.
  7. Save your settings and exit, then try watching your TV show or movie again.

How do I turn subtitles off on my Samsung TV?

Turn Closed Captions On and Off

  1. From the Home screen, use the directional pad on the TV Remote and select Settings.
  2. Select General, and then select Accessibility.
  3. Select Caption Settings, and then select Caption to turn captions On. Select it again to turn them Off.

How do I get rid of subtitles on a peacock?

If you want to turn on or remove subtitles, the process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Open the “Android Peacock TV app” and launch the content you want.
  2. Pull up the playback options with your finger.
  3. Tap on the “text bubble” (subtitles) button and turn them “On” or “Off.”

How do you remove captions?

Select the Closed Caption “cc” button from the player controls to display the Closed Caption Menu. Select “On” to display captions, select “Off” to remove captions. Select “Settings” to make visual modifications to how your closed captions will appear.

Why do Subtitles keep coming on Netflix?

The reason why your Netflix subtitles keep coming on is that your saved preferences are that you want subtitles. To get rid of this, you’ll want to watch an 18+ film or TV show for a few minutes with the subtitles off. This should save your subtitle preferences.

Why does Peacock have subtitles?

At Peacock, we’re committed to supporting our customers with accessibility needs and to making our website and products easier for everyone to use. Closed captioning (which Peacock also refers to as subtitles) is available for content on Peacock.

How do I turn off subtitles on Xfinity Peacock?

While watching a program that has closed captions enabled, hit the OK button on your Xfinity remote to pause it. Then, scroll to the left text bubble icon and select/click None. Please allow 30 seconds for the subtitles to turn off.

How do I turn off subtitles in VLC player?

Subtitles are enabled by default in VLC media player. To disable them, go to the Video menu, and to Subtitles track. All available subtitles tracks will be listed. Select “Disable” to turn off the subtitles.

Can you move Netflix subtitles?

Nope, you can’t move them.