What are 5 facts about Haumea?

Haumea Profile

Mass: 4,006,000,000,000 billion kg (0.00066 x Earth)
Notable Moons: Hi’iaka & Namaka
Orbit Distance: 6,452,000,000 km (43.13 AU)
Orbit Period: 283.28 Earth Years
Surface Temperature: -241°C

How hot can Haumea get?

Quick Facts

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Discovered By: Disputed: Either Mike Brown & team or José Luis Ortiz Moreno & team
Discovery Date: 28th December 2004
Surface Temperature: -241°C
Orbit Period: 283.28 Earth Years

How fast does Haumea orbit the Sun?

Haumea’s characteristics Haumea takes 285 Earth-years to orbit the sun.

How long is a day on Haumea?

4 hours
Scientists think Haumea’s incredibly fast rotation may have spun it into this shape. A day on Haumea lasts only 4 hours, making it the fastest-spinning large object known to exist in the solar system.

What are 3 interesting facts about Haumea?

Fun Kids Facts For Haumea the Dwarf Planet – Haumea is located beyond Neptune’s orbit. – Haumea and Pluto are almost the same size. – The tiny planet and its moons were named after a Hawaiian goddess and her daughters. In mythology, she represented fertility and childbirth.

Why is Haumea shaped like an egg?

This is because Haumea spins very quickly on its axis. A day on the small world would only be 4 hours long. Because of its rapid rotation, the world is flattened into a somewhat egg-like shape known as an ellipsoid.

What is special about Haumea?

What makes Haumea so unique is its elongated, unusual shape, apart from your typical spherical dwarf planets – Ceres, Eris, Makemake, and Pluto. Haumea is distorted into a triaxial ellipsoid due to its fast rotations. Haumea was classified as a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union on September 17, 2008.

How many times does Haumea rotate on Earth day?

Orbit and Rotation As Haumea orbits the Sun, it completes one rotation every 4 hours, making it one of the fastest rotating large objects in our solar system.

What planets are after Haumea?

Haumea is the third dwarf planet from the Solar System,orbiting the Sun in the Kuiper belt.

  • What makes Haumea so unique is its elongated,unusual shape,apart from your typical spherical dwarf planets – Ceres,Eris,Makemake,and Pluto.
  • Haumea is distorted into a triaxial ellipsoid due to its fast rotations.
  • How far away is Haumea from Earth?

    The distance of Dwarf Planet 136108 Haumea from Earth is currently 7,468,024,225 kilometers, equivalent to 49.920659 Astronomical Units. Light takes 6 hours, 55 minutes and 10.6474 seconds to travel from Dwarf Planet 136108 Haumea and arrive to us.

    How did the planet Haumea get its name?

    Namesake. Haumea is named after the Hawaiian goddess of fertility.

  • Potential for Life. Haumea is extremely cold and doesn’t appear to have conditions suitable for life.
  • Size and Distance. With a radius of about 385 miles (620 kilometers),Haumea is about 1/14 the radius of Earth.
  • Orbit and Rotation.
  • Moons.
  • Rings.
  • Formation.
  • Structure.
  • Surface.
  • Atmosphere.
  • What dwarf planet is closest to Mars?

    It is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity,

  • It is not massive enough to cause thermonuclear fusion,and
  • It has cleared its neighboring region of of planetesimals.