How do you cite the Spanish Constitution?

MLA (7th ed.) The Spanish Constitution: Fundamental Laws of the State. Madrid: Ministerio de Informacio��n y Turismo, 1972.

What is the importance of Cadiz Constitution?

The Cádiz Constitution is one of the most important legal documents in Spanish national history and a chief contribution of our country to liberalism and international constitutionalism. Cádiz symbolises the beginning of constitutional Spain, Europe and Latin America.

When was Spain’s Constitution written?

Constitution of Spain

Spanish Constitution
Created 31 October 1978
Ratified 6 December 1978
Date effective 29 December 1978
System Parliamentary monarchy

Where was the 1812 constitution signed?

Constitution of Cádiz
The Constitution was ratified on 19 March 1812 by the Cortes of Cádiz, the first Spanish legislature that included delegates from the entire nation, including Spanish America and the Philippines….Spanish Constitution of 1812.

Constitution of Cádiz
Enacted 12 March 1812
Signed by President of the Cortes of Cádiz 174 deputies 4 secretaries

How do you describe the Cádiz Constitution?

a Spanish constitution, adopted by the constituent Cortes in Cádiz on Mar. 18, 1812, and made public on Mar. 19, 1812, during the Spanish Revolution of 1808-14. The constitution declared that “sovereignty resides in the nation, which retains the exclusive right to establish its own fundamental laws” (art.

Who invalidated the Cádiz Constitution?

This document meant a radical change from the way in which the Spanish Empire had worked for centuries. The constitutional monarchy that the Constitution of 1812 tried to put in place did not come to fruition because in May of 1814 king Fernando VII declared it invalid and restored absolutism.

How many constitutions has Spain had?


Name In force Democracy
Constitution of 1812 1812–1814 1820–1823 1836–1837 Elected parliament.
Royal Statute of 1834 Royal Charter 1834–1836 Bicameral parliament with elected lower house and appointed Senate.
Constitution of 1837 1837–1845
Constitution of 1845 1845–1869 Parliament elected by censitary suffrage.

What did the Constitution of 1812 do?

The Constitution of 1812 essentially established a constitutional monarchy. Although it retained Roman Catholicism as the established church, it abolished the Inquisition, aristocratic privileges, feudal obligations, and seignorial levies.

WHO declared the Cadiz Constitution?

Restored at the outbreak of the Spanish Revolution of 1820-1823 (it was proclaimed by Riego y Núñez on Jan. 1, 1820, and Ferdinand VII swore to uphold it on Mar.

How do you cite a constitutional law?

All citations of the U.S. Constitution begin with U.S. Const., followed by the article, amendment, section, and/or clause numbers as relevant. The terms article, amendment, section, and clause are always abbreviated art., amend., §, and cl., respectively. Preamble is abbreviated pmbl.

What is Cádiz Constitution in the Philippines?

In his defense, he referred to the Cádiz Constitution, the Spanish liberal charter proclaimed in 1812. In Naguio’s words, the constitution guaranteed that all “Filipino Indios were European Constitutional Spaniards” with equal rights before the government.

What is the significance of the Cádiz Constitution to the Spanish rule in the Philippines?

Ambassador Salinas referred to the Cadiz Constitution as the very first constitution, which governed the Philippines and which up to today has strongly influenced the Philippines´ sociocultural and political traditions.