Is it common to fail ACCA exams?

Failing is really common. In fact, it’s more common than a pass, if you look at the pass rates. Some students keep failing ACCA exams, over and over again. Unfortunately, if you fail once, you’re likely to fail twice when it comes to the ACCA.

How can I pass ACCA exam fast?

ACCA Exam Tips

  1. Start studying well before the exam date, don’t leave it to the last minute.
  2. Take a revision course so you feel fully prepared on the exam day.
  3. Make sure you are familiar with the exam structure, syllabus, regulations, etc.
  4. Plan your preparation – set achievable targets for each day.

Do questions repeat in ACCA?

There’s no reason not to repeat questions – much can be learned this way. It’s easy to think, once you’ve worked your way through the questions and marked them, that you’d get much higher marks at another attempt.

Why do ACCA students fail?

One of the biggest reasons of failure in ACCA examinations is lack of understanding of the concepts. Students spend too much time on memorizing the rote knowledge instead of understanding the underlying concepts. Knowledge can get you a few marks but knowledge alone cannot get you passing marks.

Is ACCA equivalent to Master’s degree?

The ACCA Qualification is considered equivalent to degree standard when you take the first nine papers. When you take the Strategic Professionals level, it is equivalent to a master’s degree.

Is ACCA valuable?

Myth 3: ACCA is a very expensive course Investment in ACCA is at par with other financial courses; with starting salary packages in the range of INR 5-6 lakhs per annum. It means that payback period is of less than 1 year and the returns in terms of career options and growth are immense.

Can an ACCA become CFO?

The ACCA Qualification can be your first step towards becoming a CFO, find out more.

How to be successful in ACCA exams?

Much success in ACCA examinations can be achieved by following these simple guidelines which are relevant to all ACCA Examinations. I will be covering paper specific advice in another article. 1. Planning Before you start to prepare for your next ACCA exams, take some time out to decide how you plan to prepare yourself for the examinations.

What are the ACCA September 2021 exam dates and deadlines?

ACCA September 2021 Exam Dates and Deadlines are as follows. ACCA September 2021 Exams timetable starts from September 6 2021 to September 10 2021.

What do examiners look for in ACCA approach interviews?

Examiner’s Approach Interviews available at ACCA Website give you first-hand insight into what examiners are looking for in answers provided by a student, which syllabus areas they consider to be most important and how they intend to approach the examinations in the future.

Why choose ACCA approved study texts?

The approved study texts are thoroughly reviewed by ACCA for coverage of the entire syllabus and also for any revision incorporated after changes in the syllabus. Therefore, you will be taking a huge risk by relying solely on exam notes which may not be as comprehensive or up to date as the text books. 5. Objective Oriented Approach