How many companions can you have fallout1?

The number of followers you can have in Fallout is not limited, other than by the total number of available followers in the game, i.e. four.

How many companions can you have?

What are companions in The Outer Worlds? Companions in The Outer Worlds are NPCs that can join your crew on The Unreliable and assist you on your journey. You can have up to six crew members living on The Unreliable at one time and can have two companions accompany you on missions.

Do companions have infinite ammo Fallout 2?

I know that companions have infinite ammo with their default gun. Right when the game was released, the consensus seemed to be that this only applied to their default unequipable weapon. Did Bethesda patch this so that infinite ammo applies to all weapons that use the same ammo? Still only with default weapon.

How do you get Tycho as a companion?

Detailed walkthrough Have a drink with him and discuss his life for a permanent +5% Outdoorsman bonus. If the Vault Dweller is nice and mentions trying to clean up Junktown of its crime problem, the option of him joining them will appear once the player speaks to him again after the conversation ends.

Who is the last companion?

Anas ibn Malik

Anas ibn Malik أنس بن مالك
Died 712 CE (93 AH) (Aged 100-103) Basra, Umayyad Caliphate (present-day Iraq)
Burial place Basra
Other names ibn Malik
Known for Companion of the Prophet Transmitter of Hadiths The final companion to die, He was the longest lived companion of the Prophet

How do you get Boone as a companion?

Talk to Craig Boone about his wife, you can obtain this knowledge from Manny Vargas. Take someone to the front of the dinosaur. Equip Boone’s beret. Return to Boone and convince him with a Speech check.

Is Vic a good companion Fallout 2?

Fallout 2 has a multitude of npc’s to join your quest, but according to what I’ve read, not all of them are powerful or good enough to take through the whole game. According to the Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 guide, the best three companions are Sulik, Vic, and Cassidy.

How do you recruit Katja?

Katja can be found residing with the Followers of the Apocalypse in the Boneyard Library. Unlike Ian, no money needs to be paid and no correct dialogue options need to be chosen. She will join the Vault Dweller’s party if simply asked nicely to do so.

How do I recruit Tandi?

There are numerous ways to rescue Tandi:

  1. Defeat all of the Khans and break her out.
  2. Fight Garl in unarmed combat for her release.
  3. Purchase her from Garl.
  4. Intimidate Garl for her release (45% Speech required).
  5. Quietly kill the two guards at the rear of the building and pick the lock on Tandi’s cell.