How do you unlock Fiend Arena tournaments?

It is unlocked by beating every other cup, other than the Almighty Shinra Cup, at least once.

How do you complete fiend tales?

If a fiend is on level 99, the only way the player can raise its Fiend Tale is to beat the Farplane Cup with the fiend. Starting a New Game+ is advisable. Note: Equipping Minerva’s Plate on a fiend will halt its Fiend Tale progress via leveling (Auto-Pointless). “Fiend Tale Bonus” will still be applied.

How do I unlock Shinra Cup?

Cup Unlocking Condition : Capture a Deava, level it up five times, and release it for the storyline end and its replacement by Aka Manah. Do the same for him, his replacement (Aeshma), and his replacement (Shahi). Now capture a Tomb enemy and level it up five times and release it.

How do you beat Tonberry the Ripper?

Another strategy is to use powerful captured fiends that know First Strike and Auto-Haste, along with Black Sky to stunlock the Mega Tonberry while the player’s creatures bombard it with chains of physical attacks. Ultima, Flare, Meteor, and Fireworks are also useful for dishing out massive damage.

How do you get psychic Dressphere?

How to obtain the Psychic Dressphere. You’ll want to get the Psychic dressphere for it’s “Teleport” ability which allows combatants to reposition themselves in battle. This allows characters to do double-damage strikes from behind. To win this sphere, players must beat the “Standard Cup” in the Coliseum.

What is Tonberry weak against?

His HP doubles to 50,000 at level 20, and by level 100 Tonberry King will boast a whopping 250,000 HP – an increase of 2,500 HP per level….Boss – Tonberry King.

Tonberry King
HP: (Lv100) 250,000
Resistances: Gravity (immune)
Status Resistances: Immune to most status effects; The End 0%

How do you get the Fiend Arena in Final Fantasy X2?

The Fiend Arena is a battle arena accessed through the Creature Creator, which in turn is accessed through the Celsius, available in Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission and the HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X-2 . The Fiend Arena can be accessed at any point during the game by talking to Shinra on the Celsius.

How do you unlock fiends in Final Fantasy X?

The strongest group of unlockable fiends in Final Fantasy X. Their strength surpasses not only the Arena Conquest and Species Conquest groups, but also the Main Story bosses. You need to breed fiends in order to unlock them. Defeating them will reward you with equipment that boosts critical hit chance by 6%.

How do you capture fiends in the Monster Arena?

The monster arena is a battle arena found in Calm Lands. Any fiends captured will appear in Monster Arena. You can capture fiends if you knock it out using a weapon with the capture ability. You cannot obtain this through customization, so you need to visit the Monster Arena owner and buy one. Each weapon has ‘Capture’ and comes with an empty slot.

How do I complete the Fiend Tales sidequest?

The sidequest can only be started after Chapter 2 and completed in Chapter 5. The Fiend Tales of many creatures must be completed in succession. All these creatures receive a Fiend Tale Complete at Story Level 3 except for Ultima Weapon and Almighty Shinra.