Did Etfo reach a deal?

The three-year collective agreements will be effective September 1, 2019, through to August 31, 2022. Compensation and benefits: Under the agreement, ETFO education workers will receive a one per cent increase to wages and salaries per year for three years.

Why are teachers strike Ontario 2020?

Here are the major issues at stake for the teachers: Significant class size increase, especially for high school, with increase from 22 to 28 students per class. Mandatory e-learning of 4 credits for high school students. Insufficient special education and full-day kindergarten support.

Why are Toronto teachers striking?

The board said that the strike is tied to two key issues. One relates to improving staff attendance and the other involves the handling of classroom assignments.

When did Ontario teachers get the right to strike?

Ontario’s two public school teachers’ unions have been in a legal strike position since November 2019.

Do Ontario Teachers have a contract?

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) reached a deal that includes a one per cent salary increase each year, as well as $45 million over the next two years to create new special education teaching positions plus $29 million for adult education.

How is remedy calculated?

In this case the remedy would be calculated for the class and each teacher would count the days they worked and divide by the total number of days worked in that month to determine the percentage to fill in the FTE column.

How long can a strike last in Ontario?

six weeks
The Ontario Labour Relations Act limits residential construction strikes to six weeks before the parties must go to arbitration.

What was the outcome of the teachers strike?

Key points: A principal told the rally he regularly taught classes because his school was understaffed. Public service wage increases have a legislated 2.5 per cent cap in NSW. The government says it allocated $125 million in last year’s budget to try and attract new people to teaching.

What are the teachers striking for?

Why are NSW school teachers striking?

  • 73% say their workload is unmanageable.
  • 70% are reconsidering their position due to workload.
  • 90% disagree that their pay reflects their expertise and responsibilities.
  • 89% say shortages are very significant.
  • 82% say shortages are leading to higher teacher workloads at their school.

How long can a strike legally last in Ontario?

about six weeks
The Ontario Labour Relations Act allows residential construction strikes in the GTA to last about six weeks before mandating a return to work and handing over any outstanding disputes to binding arbitration.

How long did Ontario teacher strike last?

two weeks
The strike last two weeks and resulted in 2.1 million students out of classrooms in primary and secondary schools. The Harris Conservative government did not yield to the demands and the bill eventual passed.

Is there a shortage of teachers in Ontario?

Pandemic, supply staff shortages taking toll on teachers In Ontario, calls are growing for the province to reimpose mask mandates inside schools to alleviate staffing challenges caused by teachers getting sick with COVID-19. Schools have struggled with ongoing staff shortages throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will teachers be in demand in the future in Ontario?

The Demand Despite the number of children and applicants for schooling increase, there is still a large void that has yet to be filled. More likely than not in the next one to three years, teaching is projected to be the number one job of the future, according to Global News Canada.

What are the 3 remedies at law?

There are three types of equitable remedies: specific performance, injunction, and restitution.

  • Specific Performance. Specific performance is a judicial order to the promisor that he undertake the performance to which he obligated himself in a contract.
  • Injunction.
  • Restitution.

What are the 4 types of damages available for breach of contract?

Today, we’re looking into four types of damages you may be able to receive in a breach of contract case.

  • Compensatory damages.
  • Punitive damages.
  • Nominal damages.
  • Liquidated damages.

Can a union force you to strike?

Under the National Labor Relations Act you have a right to strike as well as a right not to strike. If the employer continues to operate during the strike, you need to decide what to do based on your own needs. Don’t let anyone coerce you one way or the other.

Do you get paid on strike Canada?

Pay Procedures Employees belonging to bargaining units that are in a legal strike position will continue to be paid normally until strike activity takes place.

How much do NSW teachers get paid?

Casual teachers with a graduate-level of accreditation are paid a minimum daily rate of $381.41 and teachers with a proficient level of accreditation are paid a minimum daily rate of $460.01 (current as of 01 January 2022). Find out more about casual teaching in NSW public schools.

Do teachers get paid in the summer Ontario?

Ontario’s teachers are the second highest paid educators in the country, behind Alberta. How many hours do they work? A teacher’s salary gets spread out over 12 months, but they’re only paid for 194 days, which is the school year. They are not paid for statutory holidays, summer holidays, winter break and March Break.