Which are the best wall clocks in India?

10 Best Wall Clocks In India

  1. Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock – Silver.
  2. Solimo Wall Clock – Classic Roulette.
  3. Altra Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock.
  4. RoyalsCart Floral Design Painting Analog Wall Clock.
  5. eCraft India Wooden and Papier-Mache Wall Clock.
  6. RoyalsCart Double-sided Analog Wall Clock – Copper.
  7. eCraft India Retro Leaf Wall Clock.

Which company is best for wall clock?

List of Best Wall Clock Brands in India

  • Ajanta.
  • Titan.
  • Casio.
  • Opal.
  • Seiko.
  • Random.
  • Chumbak.
  • Rang Rage.

What is price of wall clock?

Online Shopping at Myntra Price List

Online Shopping at Myntra PRICE (RS)
WENS White Printed Contemporary Wall Clock Rs. 749
RANDOM Grey & Green Round Colourblocked 30.4 cm Analogue Wall Clock Rs. 689
EXIM DECOR Gold & Beige Chateau Joullian Handcrafted Wall Clock 36.83 cm Rs. 1499

Should you have a clock in your bedroom?

Alarm clocks can be harmful to sleep, according to Christopher Lindholst, CEO of MetroNaps, a sleep product company. “Ideally you want to complete as many full sleep cycles during the course of a night as possible.

Which is the world’s largest clock manufacturer?

Founded in 1971, by Odhavjibhai R. Patel, Ajanta is the world’s largest manufacturer of wall clocks. Even now, 50 years since the company’s founding, Ajanta wall clocks are integral to most Indian households.

How do you buy wall clocks?

Before you buy…

  1. Decide on a wall – this is fun part! First and foremost decide what wall you will be hanging your new purchase on.
  2. Consider the colour scheme – you don’t want to buy a bright orange clock and hang it above your lovely red sofa.
  3. Measure the space – this is an absolute must!

Which shape clock is good as per Vastu?

round shape
The round shape is the ideal wall clock shape according to Vastu. Therefore, it’s better to opt for the classic design. l. Vastu discourages the placement of pendulum clocks in the bedroom as it can cause inconvenience to the people living there.

Why there is no wall clock in hotel rooms?

All hotel rooms have some or the other facility to tell the time. The specific reason for not having a clock is aesthetics. Hotels pride themselves for looking NOT like a home. And a clock since it can be avoided in the hotel room, do make the aesthetics look better, are avoided.

Can you put clock in bathroom?

But can you put a clock in the bathroom? For your convenience, we brought you the answer. You can most definitely place a clock in the bathroom. Having a clock in the bathroom can help establish routines and healthy habits.

Where are clocks manufactured in India?

After starting small in Mumbai, Jayesh quickly realised he should shift his business to Morbi in Gujarat, which is the hub of clocks manufacturing in India. He knew that in Morbi, clock companies had easy access to skilled labour with experience in clock manufacturing as well as raw material and supplies.

How much does a wall clock cost in India?

We offer wall clocks with an affordable range at an approximate price of between Rs. 699 to Rs. 6000. Which type of wall clock is good for home? The perfect wall clocks for home are the ones that completely blend in the interiors and transforms the boring walls into fascinating ones.

Where can I buy wall clocks online?

While the world has become increasingly digital, one always needs a wall clock at home. Now, if you are looking for such products, then you find a wide range of wall clocks online on shopping sites, such as Flipkart which host brands like Ajanta, Oreva, Efinito, and more.

What kind of wall clocks does wooden Street have?

For example, Wooden Street has Antique Brass Fitted Black Polished and Bass Circle in Dial Decorative Wall Clock & wall watches, which is an epitome of it. With this, Wooden Street also has many other wall clocks online with attractive designs and overloaded fanciness.

What wall clocks can I buy at Pepperfry?

Pepperfry has a lot of options for wall clocks for you to choose from. We have choices for you such as: When shopping for kids, make sure you buy cute things, such as the Kid On A Moon Wall Clock In Multicolour by WENS, or the Ocean Wall Clock by Boingg! – A Happy Start.