Is water-based ink good for screen printing?

In short, if you want dark shirts and you go with water-based inks, you’ll be able to save on the extra screen required for a plastisol underbase. At the end of the day, water-based inks are, hands-down, the way to go.

What is water-based ink in screen printing?


Can you make screen print transfers with water-based ink?

“From the outside, transfer printing may look like a complicated and daunting process, but it is no more complicated than traditional screen printing,” he asserts. Transfers can be printed using either plastisol or water-based transfer inks.

Does water-based ink wash off?

– It’s environmentally better – Waterbased inks are far better for the world than plastisol inks. – Wash out – You can wash waterbased inks out with tap water, if the inks a little dry gently use a brush or a bit of soap.

Is water-based ink better than plastisol ink?

Plastisol ink has better color vibrancy Water-based inks can produce a vibrant print on lighter garment colors, but still not as well. When you need your colors to be rich and brilliant and pop off the print, go with Plastisol screen printing. It’s one of the reasons it remains the long-time industry standard.

Which is better plastisol or water based ink?

Water-based ink is smoother than plastisol. It can even be slippery based on the additives you use. Plastisol ink is thicker than water-based ink. It will raise up above the shirt a little more than water-based ink will, creating more dimension to the print.

How long can you leave water-based ink on a screen?

Leave it on your screens with no problem. Leave it on a shelf forever and use it years later. Make sure it’s cured correctly, and it can last a hundred washes.

How long does water based screen printing last?

Water based inks are long-lasting While plastisol tends to last for a hundred washes and then begin to fade, crinkle, and even chip off the garment (think of a really old t-shirt you might have) – water based inks can actually last much longer. This is because water based inks can actually become part of the garment.

How long can you leave water based ink on a screen?

What is a water based ink?

Water based inks are defined as inks that use water as the main solvent for carrying pigment. They are made up mostly of acrylic resins or hybrid blends of acrylic resin and polyurethanes.

Is water based ink long lasting?

Water based and discharge ink Longevity: Water based prints last as long as the garment does, with no signs of cracking or peeling over time. Brightness: The level of brightness of a water based print can range from very bright to somewhat faded, depending on the fabric of the shirt it’s printed on.

Is water based ink better than plastisol ink?

What kind of ink is used for screen printing?

plastisol inks
Discharge inks, plastisol inks, and water-based inks are some of the most commonly used screenprinting inks. These inks have different properties suitable for different materials and print patterns. Working with these inks also require distinct skill sets and expertise.

How do you cure water based ink?

As with any ink, proper curing involves following the ink manufacturer’s recommendations. When curing most water-based inks, that means heating the print to 300 to 320 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 to 3 minutes.

Is Speedball ink water based?

Speedball’s heritage in printmaking began over 75 years ago by pioneering the manufacturing of water-based inks.

How long does water based ink last?

Why should you use waterbased screen printing ink?

Waterbased inks are becoming popular across the world

  • They are a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly ink
  • They are softer to touch
  • They are extremely long-lasting
  • They are breathable
  • How to make the best screen for water based inks?


  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Magenta
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • What is the best ink for screen printing?

    – Use a screen with a higher mesh count to produce a high detailed print – Add a reducer – Add a soft-hand base – Include half-tones and/or negative space in your design – Use a mat-down screen – Utilize the heat press – Make use of discharge plastisol ink

    How to screen print waterbased inks?

    In this tutorial we walk you through screen printing a bright white Waterbased ink on black shirts.Bucket Scoop – TZ Emulsion –