How much are EDC tickets usually?

Total EDC Costs

Item Cost
Tickets $400
Hotel $500 – 1000+
Food & Booze $450
Getting to EDC $106

How much were EDC tickets 2022?

EDC ticket went on sale on General Admission tickets ranged from $189.99, with a $20 deposit, to $269.99, with a $20 deposit. VIP tickets started from $389.99, with a $20 deposit, to $1,049.

Does EDC sell one day tickets?

Can I buy a one-day pass? We offer only 3-day passes, but Bottle Service packages are available on a single-day basis.

Are StubHub EDC tickets real?

Ticket Marketplaces StubHub does not contact the event or festival to verify a ticket’s legitimacy unless they are partnered with StubHub already for the event. The prices are often high due to additional fees tacked on by Stubhub, and people listing on Stubhub may be looking to profit more often than not.

How do I not get scammed to buy EDC tickets?

How to Not Get Scammed Buying a Resale EDC Vegas Ticket

  1. Join the EDC Vegas waitlist.
  2. Ask your friends if they have extra.
  3. If the deal feels too good to be true, it is.
  4. Always use Paypal Goods and Services.
  5. Become an internet sleuth.
  6. Examine the tickets closely and ask for a receipt.

Can you smoke at EDC?

Marijuana possession at the EDC But it is still illegal to consume it in public. Festival-goers caught smoking marijuana will likely be given a citation. And they will probably be allowed to stay at the EDC. A first-time offense is a misdemeanor carrying a $600 fine.

Can you bring candy to EDC?

NO Outside food or beverages (including alcohol and candy)

How do I know if my tickets are real?

If you’re worried that the tickets you’ve purchased are fake, an easy way to check is to call the box office and ask them to verify. You can do this as soon as you have the tickets in hand or online. “Especially if you’re giving them as gifts, you want to check them out ahead of time,” Hutt said.