Is TouchNote International?

You can send TouchNote postcards to any country with a functioning postal system!

Who created TouchNote?

Raam Thakrar

Type Mobile application
Founded 2008
Headquarters London , United Kingdom
Key people Raam Thakrar (Founder) Dan Ziv (Chief Executive Officer)
Products iOS, Android

Is TouchNote free UK?

TouchNote Premium gives you free cards to use every month. If you have a Bronze membership, you have one month to send this free card before it runs out. With Silver, Gold and Platinum, if you haven’t sent your free cards in a month, they will carry on (“roll-over) to the next month.

How much is TouchNote membership UK?

TouchNote began developing its Unlimited offer in June 2021. Costs for the Unlimited plan start from £3.33 a month for a UK user, with rates in other regions also offering equally competitive entry level prices.

What is TouchNote and how does it work?

TouchNote is a mobile app for smartphones, tablets and website for sending printed, personalised postcards, greeting cards and other photo products. The Android and iOS apps and website are periodically updated with new features. TouchNote was first launched in 2008 and is based in London.

Can I use TouchNote with other languages?

Hundreds of professionals including school teachers, gallery owners, sales people and hotel managers use TouchNote to surprise their customers with a lovely card in the post. Can I get text printed in other languages with non-Latin characters? We support all languages that flow from left to right, and our iPhone app can send cards in all languages.

Where can I send a TouchNote card?

TouchNote cards. The TouchNote app and website allows users to send personalised postcards, greeting cards, framed photos, photo canvases and boxes of prints using their own photos. Orders are sent anywhere in the world with a functioning postal system, but are printed and posted from print centres based in the UK, USA, Germany and Australia.

What do you like most about touchnoter?

TouchNoter for 3+ years. I love being able to use my own personal photos for sending postcards. Everyone loves receiving them as much as I enjoy sending them. Ken, US.