What is Unico Beretta?

Description. The Beretta® A400 Xplor Unico Semi-Auto Shotgun features several advanced recoil reduction systems, including Kick-Off™ hydraulic shock absorbers in the stock, and a Micro Core recoil pad. These features decrease felt recoil to the shooter by as much as 70%, as well as reducing abuse to the gun itself.

What is A400 Unico?

A400 Xtreme Unico Synthetic: Super-Versatile Semiauto Shotgun. This black-synthetic semiauto shotgun is today’s most advanced of its kind. It reliably feeds every kind of 12-gauge shell from steel to lead, from 2 ¾” to 3 ½” and from 24 to 64 grams.

Does Beretta make left handed shotguns?

Now available in left-handed configuration. The A400 Xplor Action is a semi-automatic shotgun that will be equally at home on an upland, duck or deer hunt as well as at the clay range.

Who makes a left-handed semi auto shotgun?

Benelli has a dozen models of shotgun specifically engineered to accommodate the needs of left-handers. They’re available in both semi-automatic and break-action versions for target shooters, waterfowlers, upland hunters and turkey hunters. See them at your local Benelli dealer. Showing 12 results.

Is the Beretta A400 gas?

The A400 is a gas-operated action that was built for speed, reliability and versatility.

Does Remington still make left-handed shotguns?

Remington Big Green has been making a variety of shotguns for left-handers for decades. Its most popular guns, the 870, 1100, 11-87, and VersaMax are all configured for lefties in a smattering of different gauges.

Does Remington make left-handed shotguns?

How much does a Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico weigh?

The Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico is available in a 26″, 28″ and 30″ barrel. The 28″ model I used had an overall length of 49-3/8 inches and weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces. The shotgun has a 1-1/15″ drop at comb and 2’1/2″ drop at heel and comes with cast washers/adjustable shims to give the shooter control over stock dimensions.

When did the Beretta A400 Xplor Unico come out?

The Beretta A400 Xplor Unico traces its roots back to 1960 when Beretta released the aptly named Model 60. They claim it was one of the first gas-operated semi-auto field shotguns in the world.

What is the Beretta Unico system?

The Unico System allows for efficient cycling of any 12-gauge shell, from 2-3/4″ to 3-1/2″ magnums. Beretta’s Optima Bore HP and exclusive tri-alloy blend steelium barrel offers the best ballistic performance available with shot size versatility and dense patterns from magnum shots.

What kind of buttstock does a Beretta A400 have?

Though now associated with the A400, the KO has already been available in the Xtrema 3-1/2 in. series and the 391 Urika2 3 inch guns for some time. The Kick Off hydraulic buttstock has been applied to various models over the last few years, including the Beretta 391 Urika 2 as shown above.