What is Xerox workflow scanning?

Workflow Scanning allows you to scan an original document, distribute, and archive the scanned image file. The Workflow Scanning feature simplifies the task of scanning many multi-page documents and saving the scanned image files in one or more file locations.

Why won’t my Xerox printer scan to my computer?

Check that the scanner is configured correctly. Check that the printer cable is connected properly. Make sure that the printer cable is not defective. Switch the cable with a known good cable.

How do I set up scan to folder on my network printer?

Click Start, and then click Programs. Click HP, click the name of the printer, and then click Scan to Network Folder Wizard. In the Network Folder Profiles dialog, click the New button. The Scan to Network Folder Setup dialog opens.

How do I scan to my computer locally?

Scan to local PC is supported for Windows and Mac OS 10.14 and below….Scan from the printer using the Scan to local PC option:

  1. Press the Scan button on the Printer Control Panel.
  2. Load your original documents:
  3. Press the Up or Down Arrow button until the Scan to PC option is displayed, then press the OK button.

How do I set up workflow scan on Xerox altalink c8055?

Click the Scan tab. In the Display area, select Workflows, then select Create New Workflow….Create a New Workflow for Workflow Scanning

  1. Predefined scan destinations from the list of file repositories.
  2. New scan destinations such as an FTP site, a website, or an SMB server.
  3. Fax number destinations.

How do I set up scan to computer on Konica Minolta?

Operation flow

  1. Load the original.
  2. Enter user information, and log in to this machine. For details on the login procedure, refer to Here.
  3. Tap [Scan/Fax].
  4. Select [Home].
  5. Configure Scan option settings as necessary.
  6. Press the Start key.

How do I scan using Samba Xerox?

How To Setup SMB Scanning

  1. Enable Workflow Scanning.
  2. Create and Configure a Shared Folder and Scan User to be Used With Server Message Block (SMB) Workflow Scanning.
  3. Test the Scan to SMB User Account From a Computer With the Microsoft Windows OS.

How do I set up scan to print?

Setup a Workflow in Scan and Print

  1. Launch Scan and Print, click Add New.
  2. Name the workflow, browse to the template you just created.
  3. If you have multiple fields, you can configure which field should be populated by the scanned data first.
  4. Select a default printer.
  5. Run the workflow.
  6. Scan text with your scanner.

How do I set up and configure workflow scanning?

There are several steps to set up and configure workflow scanning. The option must be installed and enabled. The FTP service must be installed, operational and properly configured. A scan user created and properly configured. The workflow scan file repository must be set up and configured.

How do I change the workflow settings in the printer control panel?

At the printer control panel, press the Home button. Touch Workflow Scanning. To clear previous App settings, touch Reset. To select a workflow, from the Pick a Workflow screen, touch an option.

How do I update workflow scanning templates in CWIS?

Click on Logout to logout of CWIS. Press the Services Home button on the Control Panel. Select Workflow Scanning. Select Update Templates. Select Update Now. Select Confirm.

How do I change the default file repository for workflow scanning?

NOTE: The default username is admin (case sensitive) and the default password is 1111. Click on Services to expand the list of options. Click on the Workflow Scanning link. Click on the File Repository Setup link. Click on the Edit or Add button in the Default File Destination section.