Did Lou Reed like John Lennon?

“When [bands] did try to get, in quotes, ‘arty,’ it was worse than stupid rock & roll,” he said. “What I mean by ‘stupid,’ I mean, like, the Doors.” And what did he think of John Lennon and the Beatles? “I never liked the Beatles,” Reed said. “I thought they were garbage.

What is the point of Metal Machine Music?

Reed has said he made Metal Machine Music for himself, and indulgence is baked into the concept. It’s the sound of electricity falling in love with itself, utterly relentless, a blast of energy that never lets up. On a casual listen, it seems static, like it’s only doing one thing.

How did Lou Reed make Metal Machine Music?

Reed recorded Metal Machine Music entirely by himself, manipulating the tape speeds and pitch of various bits of guitar feedback, which were cycled through reverb, distortion and other amp-assisted sound effects.

What did the Beatles think of Lou Reed?

Starr was the last Beatle to be inducted twice into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his solo career. When asked about Reed’s “garbage” comment, Starr laughed and said even if Lou Reed didn’t like the Beatles, he liked Lou Reed. “Everybody has their choice,” said Starr. “That’s OK.

What did Lou Reed think of Jim Morrison?

According to rock orthodoxy, the Velvet Underground and their followers – in particular, the Velvets’ vituperative singer Lou Reed – despised everything The Doors stood for. When just four years later Reed heard of Morrison’s death, he sneered: “He died in a bathtub?

What is Lou Reed best known for?

Lou Reed, byname of Lewis Allan Reed, (born March 2, 1942, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.—died October 27, 2013, Southampton, New York), singer-songwriter whose place in the rock pantheon rests primarily on his role in guiding the Velvet Underground, a New York City-based quartet that produced four poor-selling but …

How many albums does Lou Reed have?

The discography of the American rock musician Lou Reed consists of 22 studio albums and 15 live albums, and 46 singles. Reed also released five video albums and 16 music videos.

When did Lou Reed die?

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Why is Lou Reed’s “Hey There Reed” so popular?

Helped by Bowie’s incessant promotion of Reed as a vital player in music, the record quickly gained notoriety and has never fallen far from the top of the “greatest album of all time” lists.

Is Lou Reed the most boring singer ever?

Lou Reed may well be one of the most loved figures of music today but that doesn’t mean the charts have ever paid attention to him. Reed’s only top 10 album came in 1974 with Sally Can’t Dance. Detractors will point to the record as one of Reed’s most boring but there’s a real charm to proceedings.