Does Ziauddin University give scholarships?

Pro-Chancellor Ziauddin University Dr. Nida Hussain distributed scholarship cheques among meritorious ZU Postgraduate students from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Faculty of Engineering, Science, Technology & Management.

Is Ziauddin University private or public?

private sector university
Ziauddin University is an evolving, distinguished, private sector university of Pakistan recognized by Higher Education Comission of Pakistan, named fondly after Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmed who was the longest serving Vice Chancellor and Rector of Aligarh Muslim University (1935-1947).

How many beds are there in Ziauddin Hospital Karachi?

Ziauddin Hospital Clifton Campus is equipped with 180 beds and treats around 700 admitted patients every month. Consultants at the Outpatient Clinics provide diagnostic and treatment services to about 200 patients every day. Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Clifton campus is a comprehensive tertiary care facility.

What is the fees of Ziauddin University?

Fee Structure

Prospectus and Application form Fee: Rs. 2,000/-
Application Processing Fee: Rs. 2,000/-
University Fee Rs. 50,000/- (Non Refundable)
Tuition Fee Rs. 166,000 /- (First Year)

Is Ziauddin recognized by HEC?

All the academic programs of ZU are accredited by the respective professional accrediting bodies and by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

How much money is required for MBBS in Pakistan?

The yearly tuition fee of MBBS and BDS programs is around Rs. 950,000/- for local students and USD 18,000/- for foreign students.

What is the rank of Sindh University?

2021 Sindh University Ranking

sort by: rank a-z town
# University Town
1 Aga Khan University Karachi …
2 Institute of Business Administration Karachi
3 University of Karachi Karachi

What is cheapest Medical College in Pakistan?

Cheapest Private Medical College in Pakistan

  • Rai Medical College.
  • Liaquat National Medical College.
  • United Medical and Dental College.
  • Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas.
  • Continental Medical College Lahore Avicenna Medical College Lahore.
  • University Medical and Dental College Faisalabad.

How do you get 95 percent on FSc?

Conclusion: Read, Write, Revise That’s all you have to do; read the books, write important things down and revise them. Repeat this process 2-3 times for the whole syllabus before the exam and you’re good to go. You can achieve this easily. Revise once before the Pre-Board exams and once before the exam.

Which Medical University is best in Sindh?

List of medical colleges

No. Name of medical school Province
1 Aga Khan Medical College Sindh
2 Al-Tibri Medical College Sindh
3 Bahria University Medical and Dental College Sindh
4 Baqai Medical College Sindh