What is a Heartless Felon?

The Heartless Felons is a Cleveland gang whose brutality is said to rival the mob’s violence in the city during the 1970s and 1980s.

Who is the leader of heartless felons?

Julius Webster
CLEVELAND– Julius Webster, who prosecutors said is the leader of the Heartless Felons gang, was sentenced Tuesday to 99 years to life in prison.

Who is the founder of Heartless Felons?

Antonio Peterson, 35, is charged with aggravated menacing, a first-degree misdemeanor, for his role in the June 19 incident. Peterson was charged late Monday and is set for arraignment Tuesday in Cleveland Municipal Court.

Where is Julius Webster?

Weeks after the home invasion, U.S. Marshals tracked Webster to Ashtabula, where he was arrested. He was held in the county jail on $2 million bond until his trial and conviction. Webster has been in and out of Ohio prisons for the past decade.

What is the konvicted family?

Konvicted Family is an Ohio prison gang, and MS-13 is a notorious Mexican gang known for drug and human smuggling. Stevenson says Southern Ohio is a typical location for MS-13 to locate.

Are heartless felons still a force on Cleveland Streets?

Violence spilled onto Cleveland streets when members were released from prison. The gang remains a powerful force in Cleveland. In recent years, Heartless Felons have been convicted of extortion, threatening witnesses, running drugs in the Cuyahoga County Jail while bribing jail guards, murders, rapes and robberies, among other crimes.

Who are the Heartless felons and what do they do?

Investigators focused on Ferguson as part of an on-going investigation into the Heartless Felons, and its many subsects that have been involved in several recent murders, robberies and shootings, along with drug dealing and money laundering, according to police and court records.

Who was the leader of the Heartless felons in Ohio?

Ferguson helped found the Heartless Felons, which grew out of two gangs in Ohio’s juvenile prison system. In the early 2000s, Ferguson’s gang-The Land of The Heartless-merged with the Young Felons, then led by Antonio Peterson.

How many Ohio inmates are in the Heartless felons gang?

The Correctional Institution Inspection Committee, a legislative watchdog of the Ohio prison system, lists the Heartless Felons as one of the state’s most disruptive gangs. The prison system says there are 622 inmates who are Heartless Felons. There are 50,200 inmates in the system. Authorities say overall about one in six inmates is in a gang.