How do I read Exchange message logs?

Use the EAC to search the message tracking logs You can use the Delivery Reports for administrators feature in the Exchange admin center (EAC) to search the message tracking logs for information about messages sent by or received by a specific mailbox in your organization.

How do I run a message trace in Exchange 2010?

Use the Tracking Log Explorer to look for the message. Select the Recipient checkbox and type the email address of the recipient ([email protected]). Select the Server checkbox and type the name of your hub transport server. Uncheck the EventID check box (to see all events related to the message).

What does the EventID defer denote when tracking a message within message tracker?

3. What does the EventID “DEFER” denote when tracking a message within Message Tracker? C) Message delivery was delayed.

What is Hadiscard?

HADISCARD. A shadow message was discarded after the primary copy was delivered to the next hop. For more information, see Shadow redundancy in Exchange Server. HARECEIVE. A shadow message was received by the server in the local database availability group (DAG) or Active Directory site.

How do you trace a message?

Open message trace In the Microsoft 365 Defender portal at, go to Email & collaboration > Exchange message trace. To go directly to the message trace page, use At this point, message trace in the EAC opens.

How can I trace message ID?

The Message-ID property is displayed in the Internet headers section (Fig. 2.). The easiest way to find it is to copy the whole section’s content (right-click the section and choose Select All, then Copy), paste it into any text editor and use the editor’s search functionality to look for Message-ID.

How do I track an Exchange email?

As an administrator, you can find out what happened to an email message by running a message trace in the Exchange admin center (EAC).

  1. In the EAC, go to Mail flow > message trace.
  2. Depending on what you’re searching for, you can enter values in the following fields.

What is MaxInboundConnectionPerSource?

This event indicates that the remote server has reached the maximum number of simultaneous incoming connections to the receive connector. This value is specified by the MaxInboundConnectionPerSource parameter, and the default value is 20.

How do I trace a message in Exchange Server?

Run a message trace

  1. In the EAC, go to Mail flow > message trace.
  2. Depending on what you’re searching for, you can enter values in the following fields.
  3. If you’re searching for messages that are older than 7 days, configure the following settings: (otherwise you can skip this step):
  4. Click Search: to run the message trace.

How do I track a message in Outlook?

Track a single message

  1. In a new email message, on the Options menu, in the Tracking group, select the Request a Delivery Receipt check box or the Request a Read Receipt check box.
  2. Compose your email and click Send.

How do I trace a message in Exchange server?

What is Message-ID header?

The message-id header is defined in RFC 2822: The “Message-ID:” field contains a single unique message identifier. The “References:” and “In-Reply-To:” field each contain one or more unique message identifiers. The message ID is used to show which message is a reply to which other message, for example.

How do I run message trace?

Open message trace Open the modern EAC at, expand Mail flow, and then select Message trace.

What is message trace?

Message trace follows email messages as they travel through your Exchange Online organization. You can determine if a message was received, rejected, deferred, or delivered by the service. It also shows what actions were taken on the message before it reached its final status.

How do I fix error code 450 4.4 317?

How do I fix error code 450 4.4. 317?

  1. Verify the TLS settings and certificates on your on-premises email servers, and the TLS settings on the connector.
  2. If the error is from your partner organization (for example, a 3rd party cloud service provider), you need to contact your partner to fix the issue.

How do you add remote IP addresses to existing Receive connectors?

Sign in to Exchange Admin Center. Click in the feature pane on mail flow and follow with receive connectors in the tabs. Select the Exchange Server, which has the receive connector to add the remote IP addresses to. Click the receive connector in the list view and click the edit icon in the toolbar.

How do you put a tracker in an email?

Sending a tracked email is simple….How to Track an Email

  1. Establish company guidelines on email tracking practices. Technology like email tracking can be used to improve the customer experience, but it must be used responsibly.
  2. Install an email tracking app.
  3. Compose an email.
  4. Check the “Track” box.

How can I track Message-ID?

What is MAPI ID in email header?

MAPI (Messaging Application Program Interface) is a Microsoft Windows program interface that enables you to send E-mail from within a Windows application and attach the document you are working on to the e-mail note.