Can you use another app for Swann Security cameras?

Other Security Apps for Swann Cameras All of Swann’s new products are compatible with the Swann Security App creating a complete security ecosystem. We’re always refining our technologies and products made before 2019 still require other Swann apps.

What app do I use for Swann?

After the Swann Security app is installed on your phone, the Swann Security app icon appears on the Home screen. To open the Swann Security app, tap the app icon.

Do you have to pay for the Swann app?

No, you won’t have to pay any monthly fees with Swann. The company sells devices only, so there’s no professional monitoring or cellular backup available.

What is UPnP Swann?

UPnP ensures that all of the ports that the DVR requires are accessible to it. For this feature to work, it will need to be enabled on both your DVR and router. If you’re not using UPnP (or your DVR/router does not support this feature), you’ll have to manually forward ports from your router to the DVR.

How do I add a Swann DVR or NVR to my phone?

You need to follow these steps to add the a Swann DVR or NVR to your phone: Adding the DVR/NVR and viewing the cameras on the app You need to make sure that the Server port and HTTP port of your Swann DVR or NVR are open in the router.

How do I download swannview plus?

SwannView Plus the app where you can view the cameras. To download the app, go to your Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store and search for SwannView Plus.

What is DVR viewer software?

This is the most up to date DVR viewer software for our MPEG-4 surveillance DVRs. This software allows you to connect to your DVR over an internal network or the internet to configure, view, and backup video from your surveillance system.

What is the best DVR viewer for Windows and Mac?

Viewtron DVRs include some of the best DVR viewer applications available for Windows and Mac computers. Click on the below images to view demonstration videos and screen shots of the Viewtron DVR software in action and learn more about the 1080p high definition video support.