Why are the Cybermen weak to gold?

The Doctor explained that, as a noncorrosive metal, gold could coat the respiratory apparatus of a Cyberman and suffocate them. Humans learnt of this vulnerability during the Cyberwars and developed the glittergun — a weapon that fired gold dust to fatal effect against the Cybermen.

Who was turned into a Cyberman?

And now anywhere in time and space is the backdrop to the most unique education that the universe can offer. After many adventures with the the Doctor, Bill becomes trapped in another time zone aboard a Mondasian colony ship and is converted into a Cyberman!

What is the Cybermen weakness?

The most notable weakness of the original Cybermen is the element gold. Their aversion to gold was not mentioned until they try to destroy the planetoid Voga (the so-called “Planet of Gold”) in Revenge of the Cybermen (1975).

Is Bill a Cyberman?

The penultimate episode ends with Bill becoming a Cyberman—and it all happened because Bill waited for the Doctor to save her, instead of trying to rescue herself.

Is Cyberman compatible with you?

Cyberman 1: He must be the new leader. Cyberman 2: No. He is not like us. Brain and binary vascular system incompatible. They will be discarded. Other body parts may be of use. Cyberman: You are compatible.

Is Cyberman a cyber-form?

Cyberman: No, I am Cyber-form. Once I was Jacqueline Tyler. Rose: But you can’t be. Not her! Cyberman: Her brain is inside this body.

Will man-man be reborn as Cyberman?

Man will be reborn as Cyberman, but you will perish under maximum deletion. Delete! Delete! Delete! Delete!! John Lumic: My everlasting children.

Is there still resistance to Cyberman 2?

CyberLeader: There is still resistance. Cyberman: According to the Earthling, there were only ten crew members. They have all been accounted for. CyberLeader: Then he has lied, order the activation of re-inforcements. Cyberman: I have found the ones from the TARDIS. CyberLeader: Excellent. Cyberman 2: I shall take the patrol and destroy them.