What are the key terms of geography?

Glossary of Key Words

Key Word Meaning
Altitude Height of the land above sea level.
Aquifer A store of water in the underground rocks.
Capillary Action When the roots of plants draw water up from the soil.
Climate The average weather of a place.

What are physical features in geography KS2?

Physical features like seas, mountains and rivers are natural. They would be here even if there were no people around. Human features are things like houses, roads and bridges. They have been built by people.

What is national curriculum for geography?

The main aims of the national curriculum for geography are: To develop knowledge of important places in the world, their defining geographical features, and processes. To understand the processes behind key human and physical geographical features, and how they connect and change over time.

What topics are taught in geography?

Pupils study physical geography, including plate tectonics, rocks, climate change and coasts; and human geography, including population, urbanisation, international development and natural resources.

What do year 4 learn in geography?

Mountains, Rivers and Coasts for LKS2 In this lively topic, Year 3 and Year 4 children learn what mountains, rivers and coasts actually are, and discover some of the forces that help create and shape these geographically important features, and the effects they have on the world around them.

What are the key terms in geography?

In this lesson, we defined nine key terms in geography, including: Latitude and longitude collectively describe a position on the earth’s surface. Latitude is north to south, and longitude east to west.

What are some interesting geography vocabulary words for KS2 students?

What are some interesting geography vocabulary words suitable for KS2 students and their definitions? Valley- A low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a river or stream flowing through it. Deltas- Wetlands that form as rivers empty their water and sediment into another body of water, such as an ocean, lake, or another river.

What is the definition of geographic terms?

Here are some more precise geographic terms: Boundary: A line that separates different regions of the earth. Boundaries are not lines drawn with a marker, rather they are oceans, deserts, mountain ranges, or rivers that separate regions. They can be natural or human-made.

What is an example of geography?

Geography is the study of the earth, its physical features, atmosphere, and resources. This includes all Earth’s landforms, oceans, and ecosystems, as well as the impact of human society on its environment. Mountains and a lake as examples of geography terms.