Is Dimension Data a listed company?

On 31 July 2000, Dimension Data was listed on the London Stock Exchange raising $1.25 billion in the process.

Is Dimension Data an ISP?

Internet Solutions (IS) is an Internet services provider for public and private sector organisations. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dimension Data Group and part of NTT….Internet Solutions.

Type Subsidiary
Services Cloud Computing, Connectivity, Data Centres, Security and Communications
Parent Dimension Data

Who buys NTT?

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT) 9432. T said it will spend 4.25 trillion yen ($40 billion) to take its wireless carrier business private, in a deal that opens the path to lower prices as the government calls for cuts.

Is NTT Data and Dimension Data same?

From 1 July 2019, Dimension Data’s global business is now fully integrated with NTT Communications, NTT Security and 25 other companies to form a new global operating company, branded NTT.

Who owns WhiteHat security?

NTT Security acquired WhiteHat in 2019 and is now selling it to Synopsys. Synopsys is acquiring WhiteHat Security, which rebranded to NTT Application Security last year, for $330 million in cash.

Is Showmax owned by MultiChoice?

Showmax is a part of MultiChoice Group (which itself is a spin-off of Naspers, owner of 30.86% stake in Tencent which own similar service, Tencent Video and iflix).

When was WhiteHat Security founded?

In 2001, Jeremiah founded WhiteHat Security, which today has one of the largest professional hacking armies on the planet.

What is Hat security?

A white hat (or a white hat hacker) is an ethical security hacker. Ethical hacking is a term meant to imply a broader category than just penetration testing. Under the owner’s consent, white hat hackers aim to identify any vulnerabilities the current system has.

Where is Dimension Data located?

Dimension Data headquarters and office locations Dimension Data is headquartered in Sandton, South Africa and has 14 office locations across 10 countries.

Is Dimension Data owned by Nippon Telegraph?

Dimension Data is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Dimension Data’s revenue was reported to be $8.05 b in FY, 2019 which is a 31.4% decrease from the previous period. Jul, 2021 Aug, 2021 Sep, 2021 Oct, 2021 Nov, 2021 Dec, …

Who are the top executives of Dimension Data?

Dimension Data’s key executives are Werner Kapp, Barry Curtin and Zellah Fuphe. How many employees does Dimension Data have? Dimension Data has 18,888 employees. What is Dimension Data revenue? Latest Dimension Data annual revenue is $8.1 b. What is Dimension Data revenue per employee? Latest Dimension Data revenue per employee is $426.4 k.