How long does TestDaF exam take?

3 hours
How long does the TestDaF exam take? The TestDaF lasts a bit longer than 3 hours (plus time for breaks). Usually you will sit the exam in the morning, with the last part – speaking – being tested after lunch: Reading: 60 minutes.

How long does it take for TestDaF results to come out?

Within six weeks the candidates receive a certificate issued by the Test Centre. The certificate shows the grades of all parts of the examination and the detailed description of the reached level can be read at the back side of the certificate.

How long is TestDaF valid?

The certificates you will obtain from TestDaF is valid indefinitely. Plus, You can reappear for the examination as often as you wish if you are not satisfied with your score. TestDaF evaluates your German language skills at three levels: TDN 3, 4, and 5, equivalent to B2. 1, B2.

How difficult is TestDaF?

German language is not a very tough language if you have an approximate knowledge of english then you can easily learn this language in short time. There are different levels of German language A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. TestDaf is closer to B1 Level.

What is a good TestDaF score?

The test is standardized hence same across various centres and is graded over 5 points across 4 parts making the grand total of 20. The acceptable TestDAF score across various universities is in the range of 16 – 18 and can be repeated any number of times.

What does TestDaF 4 mean?

The TestDaF certificate is valid for an unlimited time. It is recognised by all German higher education institutions as level TDN 4 for admission to university study or to a study college. At certain universities, depending on the subject of study, applicants are also admitted with results below level TDN 4.

What level is TestDaF 4?

Listening Comprehension TestDaF level 4 (TDN 4) He/She can understand the main ideas of spoken texts relevant to common study-related situations and on general academic topics which contain mainly non-specialised language.

Is TestDaF and Goethe same?

Both are paper-based, with a written and an oral part. Goethe exams can be taken only at a Goethe Institute, telc exams at testing centres worldwide. Language test of the Goethe-Institute is for general purposes. TestDaF is for who want to study in a German university (or Hochschule).

How is the TestDaF in Berlin?

The TestDaF is a standardised examination. In Berlin, there may seem to be a lot of improvisation. In Germany, however, almost everything is subject to a prescribed and certified standard.

What are the TestDaF exam dates for 2019?

TESTDAF: DATES. We offer a special preparation course for each date. View at: TestDaF Training. In 2019 the following exam dates are available: 12 February 2019. (Enrolment period: 20 November 2018 – 15 January 2019) 10 April 2019.

Was ist die auswertungszeit der TestDaF?

Für den digitalen TestDaF umfasst die Auswertungszeit ca. 4 Wochen. Bitte gleichen Sie daher den geplanten Termin der Ergebnisbekanntgabe mit den Bewerbungsfristen an den Universitäten ab und wählen Sie so den passenden Termin. Vor dem in der Spalte „Ergebnis“ angegebenen Datum ist keine Auskunft über die Ergebnisse möglich.